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IRAQ- Please assimilate forget past
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try and keep your mouse cursr safe for as long as possible- addictive funny game.

awesome lol

be careful- it will try and trick you.

887 lol

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Dr. Bombay
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That's awesome.

nevermind. I figured it out.

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~Why Oh Why, Why Does It All Feel So Sorrowful?~
~Dreams Of What Is Real~

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Its annoying the timer resets if you move the mouse out of the box. They need to fix that so you're blocked from exiting the frame.
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~The Last Of The Old Guard~
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cool little game.i take it back he is my new most annoying game character.

a bothersome b**** isn't he?
When You Dig A Grave,You Best Dig It Wide And Deep,For The Grave You Dig May Be Yours To Keep!
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