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Black Ace
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Skies Of Arcadia Legend

SEGA has confirmed that "Skies of Arcadia Legends" will make its U.S. debut on the Nintendo GameCube in January 2003.

Never played this game so I want to check it out, it be out before Zelda does. The graphics loooks pretty bad to me, not GC quality.
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its a classic RPG... i played it on dreamcast and it was hard... i spend 5 hours in the game then decided to continue on gamecube
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infinity in finity
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The subpar graphics are understandable since it's a port of a DC game. It's not like they were terrible to begin with though.

I bought the game when it first came out, but I never made it too far (about 20 hours). I bought Shenmue around the same time, which explains why Skies got no love

It certainly does have a classic RPG feel to it, like you're never safe travelling the world map. The random battles were a bit too prolific though, and were one of the reasons I gave up on it. A game that promotes exploration shouldnt harass you with annoying battles every 5 steps.

The frequent random battles were a common complaint, so maybe Sega tweaked them for the GC release (I doubt it).
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Black Sugar
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Random battle has to be the biggest turn-off on this game. Still I manage to finish it and this is one memorable RPG (something I truly miss these pas few year)

Graphically speaking, the game is beautiful. And again, Bill, obviously I didn't play the game. Don't judge a game look only by looking at pics !
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