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Company of Heroes

Its not out till next year, but from the company that brought us Homeworld and Dawn of War, is a new swanky looking WW2 strategy game. Relic pwn. Anyway heres screens.

some info taken. Heaps more at the link below..

And units look just as good in motion as they do standing still. The game will actually stream animations to its units using what Thomson describes as an "animation brain," which is an in-game library of about 700 different animations (compared to Dawn of War's 150). This isn't just for show, either; it plays into the game's "battlefield awareness system," which causes soldiers to automatically adopt appropriate behaviors in the right situation. We watched an in-game demo that showed soldiers in the field advancing up a country road alongside a convoy. As soon as they crossed enemy lines, the soldiers adopted a cautious stance. And as soon as enemies began to open fire with a spectacular rain of bullets and earthshaking dive-bombing runs, each soldier immediately and intelligently leaped for cover--behind the convoy, behind an environmental object (like a nearby fence), or into a prone position--automatically, and without any instruction.

We watched an example of an infantry squad with no tank or artillery support attempting to take over an enemy house. By using a demolitions expert to plant charges on the side of the house, we were able to blast out a huge hole in the wall, providing a new entry point to the building that let our soldiers go swarming in. According to Wilson, Relic hopes to make Company of Heroes' environments less like regular old levels and more like "a chessboard that becomes part of the game." This was very apparent in a dramatic battle we watched in which a defending force, armed with a few antitank weapons, desperately tried to fend off an attack in a graveyard. Soldiers wove and ducked from tombstone to tombstone before an enemy tank rolled in and began demolishing chunks of the graveyard--burial plots, tombstones, soldiers, and all.


Theres about 3 pages worth of excellent info. If you';re interested I'd recommend you hop over and read it as it mentions stuff about the engine and physics system and alot more stuff on gameplay and such.
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Oh for fucks sake, another fucking WW2 game, jsut what we needed. A pity too, since it boasts a lovely graphical engine, but for the life of me I cannot stand another freaking game themed with "the good war".
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Get out of my thread Negative Nancy!
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Originally Posted by Alucard
Get out of my thread Negative Nancy!
The Karmic balance is restored

The game looks nice, I'll enjoy pirating it
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