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Kingdom Hearts is awesome. Can you imagine what Square can do with a Marvel license?

I posted this message on another forum before, but I just wanted to see what you guys think about the idea. I've been playing the import version for a while and I think Kingdom Hearts is fantastic. Every Disney character is recreated faithfully, beautifully. Can you imagine what Square can do with a Marvel license? I would love to play a Square RPG where all the X-men, Spiderman, Hulk, Blade, Fantastic Four, Iron Man series and others are involved. Love to see how these characters develop as the role playing game progresses. Marvel has over 4700 characters, and Square can have a whole new franchise here that will last for years if they wanted to. Just a thought.
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Capcom will probably milk this idea 1st... don let them see your thread!!

But I doubt it'll work soon... personally I think the super heroes are too established... I can't imagine a game that the Hulk needs to wear armor or use any weapons. He's a walking tank!! Weapons/armors or should we say items are part and parcel of a roleplaying element. Try and ignore that and the design team really needs to put in some other fantastic elements to appeal to the public.
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