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NWN2 expansion details

Not too much but that should change down the track obviously. I havent gotten around to playing NWN2 myself, though I definately plan to, but everyone I know whos played it enjoyed it. So this should be worth a look into. I'll put up some of the choice parts-

GB: Are there any plans to introduce any new prestige classes or sub-races? How about epic levels?

Kevin: Absolutely! We are adding new prestige classes (and a base class) and new sub-races. We’ll be sharing more information on those soon, but we think you’ll be excited about our choices. ;) One of the prestige classes is completely new and was designed through consultation with our colleagues at Wizards of the Coast. As far as the leveling goes, NX1 will feature epic levels through level 30.

GB: How many new spells, skills, and/or feats will you be implementing in Mask of the Betrayer? Any examples you can share with us?

Kevin: We are adding dozens of new spells and feats. The spells range from some heavy hitters like burst of glacial wrath to great utility spells like the vigor healing spells from Spell Compendium. For feats, we are strongly emphasizing the ones tailored to epic level gameplay. These will include almost all of the epic feats from Hordes of the Underdark plus many new ones we’ve designed with guidance from Wizards of the Coast.

GB: How many new items do you plan on adding in the expansion? Will there be any totally new weapon/armor categories or notable changes/additions to the game's crafting system?

Kevin: We’re making crafting easier for the player by simplifying the new recipes and having the component items themselves better explain their purposes. Also as an added convenience, you’ll also be able to enchant items without needing a workbench handy, which should make things easier for players who enjoy crafting. Overall, we've worked hard on making the process of enchanting items more intuitive.

NX1 will be more about customizing your equipment through enchanting – you’ll be finding many more essences and their role is expanded. You’ll also find new items, but they will be less common and more powerful than those in NWN2. We are adding new armor and weapon appearances, but not really new categories.
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