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Pokémon Home Basic and Premium Plans Will Be Available

What a ripoff, the capacity of basic plan is so small that they are forcing you to get premium. Nintendo is catching up with EA in this stuff

Click for full size

Pokémon Home Basic and Premium Plans Will Be Available

The Pokemon Company has announced further Pokemon Home price and release details for the cloud service. As a reminder, it will launch worldwide in February 2020 and allows you to move Pokemon between compatible games and trade Pokemon anytime, anywhere. Now, it turns out free and paid options will be available.

A free “Basic” plan will be available at launch, but it is limited. It will not allow you to move your Pokemon away from Pokemon Bank and only allows 30 Pokemon to be deposited, three Pokemon to be placed in the Wonder Box, and only one Pokemon that can be placed in the GTS (Global Trade Station) at once.

The paid “Premium” plan will allow you to move your Pokemon away from Pokemon Bank, increases the number of Pokemon to deposit to 6,000, lets you put 10 in the Wonder Box and will allow you to have three up for trade in the GTS. Premium plan holders can also participate and host their own Room Trades, whereas Basic members can only trade. The Judge function is also available. This comes at a price, as a 30 day subscription will end up costing $2.99 (370 yen), 90 days will be $4.99 (610 yen), and 365 days will cost $15.99 (1,960 yen). The U.S. prices exclude tax.

The mobile game Pokemon GO will not be supported at launch. Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, and the Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Bank will be supported. Pokemon Home will include a full National Pokedex, with the mobile version also showing each Pokemon’s Abilities and the moves it can learn.

Pokemon Home will be released in February 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and compatible mobile devices.
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Greed scapes no one, not even nintendo.

I'm glad I dropped this series very early, it is as if I knew where this was going.
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I have all pokemon on the 3ds ultra sun and moon. So basically, I would use that free month of bank and pay for one month of pokemon home to transfer everything to Sword. I need to transfer my Legendaries and mythicals!

lol don't really care if I actually do tho, part of the fun of playing the games is to get them all, if you always just transfer, takes away the fun to me. Just a big time saver. Plus, I only play it cause the kids in my family, they all play it so I do it to play with them, they hate that i'm too good at the game cause I know about IV/EVs, hidden abilities and egg moves and I train them to be competitive level. lol I put those punks in their place! I'm the pokemon MASTTTTERRR!
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