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FS PC Reviews

OK so i noticed how everybody has put up reviews and had failed to mention quake 4, so i thought i'd add my 2 cents in this post below the index.

Reviw index
Battlefield 2

First impressions:

from the minute you start playing this game it is immediately evident that the graphics arnt as spectacular as your would expect from a big budget AAA frachise, this new installment is supposed to be at the height of its game graphics wise as many fanboys would expect it, but please note this- THIS GAME IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF HIGHEST GRAPHICS MEANING JACK ****!!. On the begining areas yes the graphics and art style seem a bit cartoony and the textures on the faroff landscape look abysmal, but the fact that the faroff landscape has a quake II'ness about it really plays into the soul of this game. the enemies you come across, to start, feel like the full barage of what you'd expect- playing in tune to the feeling you get from a doom type game ("its only doors and corridors till the final boss")

no way is this game in the same leauge as doom- its far above it, and this game in no way gets too mindless, theres always something new and interesting in each new area.

So when thinking back to the vast array of weapons available in past installment of quake you'd expect to follow the same formula, well fortunately theres been some upgrades to existing weapons, new weapons added, and upgrade to the new awesome weapons along the way, gone is the BFG (at least i havent come across it without a cheat or hack) the BFG is nothing compared to the biggest monster weapon in this game just when you think weapons couldnt get more pentultimate, when you find this bitch of a weapon you'll only be scared to think that the enemies could get any bigger and stronger.

weapons seem to take shorter to reload between rounds, though careful attention must be taken to reload whenever your mags get depleted as the relaod is crucial in many firefights, the weapons really manage to do the job and are a joy to use compared to other FPS's, the full range of weapons are all well suited to different situations and enemies and flicking the weapon toggle will become common fare when up against certain enemy.

the enemy AI is some of the most extreme ive had to deal with in any FPS, in DOOM people would be scared ****less when a thing flew out at you, since the lighting is better and you can move quite fast you feel less helpless when the type of monster that takes 12 rounds of shotgun shells to bring down of charges at you at immence pace- you dont have any surprise attack enemies being deployed behind you type events- your simply clearing the area ahead- sometime you have things come out the ceiling,- if you dont move your certain to be dead- three strikes with a strogg claw and you dead, so this game really is for vetrens of FPS controls, running and side stepping the whole way through.

the tasks in the game arnt so dumb and generic as you would get out of a doom clone- you actually have comprehensive goals to achieve such as destroying strogg communications, or deactivating a security door to get teams to vital areas though getting to a security panal on the other side of a complex can be quite daunting, sometimes your path gets cut and your resigned to crawling through ducts and holes created by debrie falling into buildings, the level of design on damaged areas and wires hanging out everywhere is very good, really adding to the feel your in a true war of civilisations, you will see your comrades being slaughtered and decapitated infront of you, it truly is a warzone throughout the game,

the boss battles in this game are truly monumental, and take alot of skill to bring down the boss, some of the earlier bosses later become ordinary strogg infantry which is preety scary, the enemies are bigger and badder with bigger weapons, homing missiles, acid vomit, hallucinogenic breath, super weapons, gigantic walking spiders, the action is glorifyingly intence and you realise how fluid so many enemies on screen can be, you will be chased through multiple rooms -just dont turn your back becuase some enemies are faster than you, they even have snipers and sharp shooters this time around that are capable of serious damage. the new enemies are quite inventive, just when you thought youve seen it all, a new and devestating enemie or boss appears,youll will even meet some prototypes ingame. if you take the biggest enemy from quake 2 this installment has enemies 50 times worse, i'm talking huge hunks of meat and metal with gigantics plasma cannons that cant support their weight on leg and need hover platforms, probably weighing 250 tonnes each but small enough to chase you in corridors- be very afriad.

Story line.
The action isnt made up of FMV's and is all live, many cutscenes allow you to free roam and when your being talked to by your fellow marines you dont need to be around to hear them, you are constantly inside the evolving storyline, from the minute you enter strogg space to landing on the planet, to regrouping and getting orders about taking out targets and hearing other tems on comlink getting sliced and diced leaving you to clean up the job. The plot is simple, but when you arrive your character will face many incredible problems, you will even get processed . you will also get a good incite to the strogg infrastructure, and be working with different personel to take down their systems, you will wade through strogg waste, communications towers, processing areas, mutilation and regeneration, the whole works until what your left with is the working of a alien culture, how they maunfacture the strogg, and theyre weapons, and their research into new technology, they have seriously been busy at work since quake II, and are far more fomidable. its gross when you get further in game and you see what they do with human bodies- far outweights what enemies in other game would do. the story is gripping and you will witness some truly horrendous scenes in game, its a miracle how you character namages to survive through this game.


9/10. the sound effects for each enemy and weapon are of the standard any AAA wannabe game should aspire too i gave this score a 9 as i dodnt know how the sound is through a regular speaker setup as i'm using my TFT speakers right now.

10/10 highly satisfying, the choice of weapons really adds to the ways in which you cant destroy the strogg and also requires very strategic use in order to survive, the enemy AI is killer, but not impossible once youve figured out a specific stroggs nuances to exploit, the movement is fast and responsive, and the tasks dont feel pointless and that you actually achieveing something and really help to advance the storyline, youll feel a good affinity for your character once you got through some of the extreme story segments.
theres some fantastic parts where you can pilot a strogg war walker or pilot a hover tank, and other similar huge segments that really add to the feeing of transversing an alien landscape and really give this game scale.

7/10 i played the first go around on difficult setting, there are four difficulties, private, corporal, liutanent, then sarge (i think)
corporal was quite a big challege and i died a good few times on the harder enemies, when i finished i dodnt get any extra unlocks or anything which was dissapointing, but then you got cheats for that. nothing particulaly new after youve completed the game. though it might be fun for anough play through on a harder setting.

not the grace of many FPS's but this game has an immersive evolving story and isnt just the hack and slash its made out to be, theres enough balance of gameplay and story and they always go hand in hand throughout the game. you will get ambushed, lose good men, encounter forgotten enemies, try to destroy strogg strongholds and the strogg will scuper you plans every way they can. theres no in depth drama between characters, but theres enough human interaction to give you the sence that your in a war wit thinking living beings with feelings.


ive left out images of the game on purpose as to be able to really see how well the mechanics and graphics work you have to see it in motion, pics wont do it justice, you can see by scaling down the graphics they can squeeze in some good smoke partical effects and some very huge indoor areas with gigantic machienery processes taking place that just wouldnt work if the graphics were scaled to high, the textures look almost doom grade if not better in some places, and the enemies have very fluid motion. the animations are very detailed and they are not generic in the least- theres alot of things happening in the game all the time, which adds to some very vibrant (dark evil) and emotive visuals.

i will add changes to this review is its seen as crap by MB'ers which i wouldnt doubt as this is my first review and i just sorta winged it.

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