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Persona 5 Royal enters the fray with a March 2020 release

Any chance for a remake of Persona 3?

Click for full size

Persona 5 Royal enters the fray with a March 2020 release

March 2020 will be a month to remember. On top of everything we already knew about – including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nioh 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Doom Eternal – yet another long-awaited game has decided to call that month home. Persona 5 Royal launches on March 31, 2020.

If you need a head-start, the Asian PS4 release (with English) is set for February 20, 2020.

After watching the trailer, yeah, I could go for a round of darts. You don't have to twist my arm.

Persona 5 Royal wants us to spend even more time with Joker and the rest of the Phantom Thieves crew, and while there are new elements – ranging from new characters and locations to a grappling hook – I suspect it'll be best enjoyed if Persona 5 isn't still one-hundred percent seared in your mind.

Or maybe not! Maybe you're ready for round two right this second. What's another 100 hours?

The "launch edition" of Persona 5 Royal will go for $60 whether you're buying physically (there's a SteelBook case!) or digitally, and pre-orders include a dynamic PS4 theme. If you're looking for extras like new Kasumi costumes, Atlus has you covered and then some. The DLC train keeps a-rollin'.

Are you getting this game? And if so, when? I may need to borrow some productivity tips.
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Yay... but i will wait for a price drop cause theres no chance i'm buying it again full price.

Persona 3 remake...hmm... i don't think i want it. P3 is designed with a single dungeon in mind, the Tartarus. It's a central part of the story but it is also it's weakest point cause it lacks variety. I guess they could just make it up, but i'm not sure if it will have to change the story to accomodate it.
P3 was good, but it wasn't as good as P4, so i don't think you're missing much if you didn't beat it.

Oh yeah, they made anime movies of it. Will save you all the hours of grinding.
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