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Sony Offers Chance to Try and Buy a PS5 Direct From It

This generation is hurting badly by global chips shortage, half the life cycle of this generation is already gone by the time we get out of the chip shortage.

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Sony Offers Chance to Try and Buy a PS5 Direct From It

Buy a PS5 Sony Direct PlayStation Direct

Sony is going to offer a chance for some people in the United States to buy a PS5 direct from the source. It opened up a new website ahead of the 2021 holiday shopping season. People can sign into their account and register there for a chance to get an email invitation to buy a console from PlayStation Direct in November 2021.

Here’s how it will work. On the site, Sony said it will have a “limited amount of PS5 consoles” at PlayStation Direct. People who sign up might be picked “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.” If someone gets an email invitation to buy a PS5, it will say exactly exactly how long you have to purchase one. Only one invite and PS5 is possible to get per email and person.

The site also clarified a few details. If someone isn’t in the US but does know someone who would be willing to have the console shipped to a person who does live there, they can buy a PS5 direct from Sony. The FAQs also confirmed that an invitation is not only good for one standard or digital PS5, but for the purchase of a few accessories. For example, someone could also buy up to three white DualSense controllers, up to two DualSense controllers that are black, red, or in a bundle, one media remote, and one Pulse headset. But they also don’t have to buy anything but a PS5.

Invitations for this new opportunity will begin appearing in inboxes in November 2021.
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It certainly is problematic cause of the scalpers.
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