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Itís time to become obsessed with Nioh: The Complete Edition while itís free on PC

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Itís time to become obsessed with Nioh: The Complete Edition while itís free on PC

The Epic Games Store is also giving out Sheltered

I donít know how else to convince people to give Nioh a shot ó I feel like Iíve said all that I can about this frantic, fun, and at times frustrating magical ninja action-RPG seriesó but thatís kind of irrelevant today. ďNioh: The Complete Edition is free to keep on PCĒ can do the talking here. The deal runs until September 16, and Sheltered, a survival sim, is free too.

If youíve mostly avoided looking into Nioh this whole time and youíre only here for a free curiosity-driven pickup, Iíll say this: itís got cool Japanese mythology and lore, a good range of potential character builds to devise and power-up, thereís an absurd amount of content between the base game and three packed-in expansions, and the combat is fast.

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While there are similarities between Nioh and Dark Souls, you can love one without even liking the other ó theyíre distinct. So donít let your past experiences sway you too much, if thatís a concern. Also, online co-op is a huge facet of Nioh if you want it to be.

Nioh 2 is more refined, and most folks seem to prefer custom characters, but I have a lot of love for William, the star of the show in Nioh 1. Itís worth dipping your toes in when weíre talking about a low-stakes free game. If you end up liking it, donít feel bad about jumping to the sequel; thereís significant overlap, and both titles are big undertakings.

Probably not coincidentally, Team Ninja also shared the latest sales figure for the Nioh series ó after two great games, some ports, and remasters, the franchise has now ďsold over six million copies worldwide.Ē Itís fantastic to hear, albeit bittersweet. Back in January, the studio went on record to say that itís not doing Nioh 3. At least not yet.

Iím ready for a shakeup ó a new action-RPG that builds on NiohĎs successes but doesnít suffer from diminishing returns. That would be swell. And then they can do Nioh 3.

As for next weekís freebies, the Epic Games Store will swap over to Speed Brawl, a 2D brawler built around time trials, and Tharsis, a dice game in the form of a mission to Mars gone horribly awry, from September 16Ė23. The former has big hidden-gem energy.
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