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Capcom insider says next Resident Evil will be a very different kind of game

Depends if the next game would be more of a horror or action game.

Click for full size

Capcom insider says next Resident Evil will be a very different kind of game

Reveal is evidently right around the corner

We're due a new Resident Evil in just four days (read our review, by the way!), but that hasn't stopped people from looking one game ahead. There are new rumors regarding the next Resident Evil, and they allude to a very different experience than we're used to.

Capcom insider Dusk Golem says that the next Resident Evil game is "by far the biggest departure the series has ever taken, to the point that [he expects] a lot of people will be pissed off about it when it gets revealed." However, Dusk Golem also mentions that internal testing indicates it's "high-quality."

We'll possibly find out what all that means sooner rather than later. This next Resident Evil is allegedly launching in 2021 and has been in development since late 2016. Further, Dusk Golem says that Capcom's reveal will be "really soon." We're working with short timelines here.

A separate leak from January indicated that this new Resident Evil would star Resident Evil 7's Ethan, again be first-person, include werewolves as a prominent enemy type, and wouldn't be titled Resident Evil 8. The werewolves bit certainly qualifies as a departure, but Dusk Golem's tease almost makes the new game sound like it's something fundamentally different than straight survival horror. If he's spot-on, we'll find out soon enough.
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we still need a remake of RE:CV! To complete the seriessssss!
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Pretty much. I keep hearing some people talking about RE4 remake now. Talk about unnecessary. RE code veronica desperately needs it. It's also my favorite one in the series.

I still think it was dumb to remake RE3 cause it was a tiny side story, and it seems now that reviews are in people are getting remembered why, the goldfishes. History literally repeated itself.

Also, they are overdoing it. They need to calm down with releases. It will cause fatigue.
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