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Tenerezza impressions

I got my copy of Tenerezza last night (japanese xbox game). I've only had time to play through it for about an hour this morning.
So far, here are my impressions:

This game doesn't impress me all that much, and in fact I have some major gripes with it. First, while the graphics are fairly nice in the town areas, the framerate seems to be about 25fps, which is unacceptable for an xbox game. It looks about the same as Napple Tale or Grandia II for the Dreamcast, for reference. But there is one GLARING flaw missing from this game that those two games had--there is NO camera manipulation in this game. You can't move the camera with the L and R buttons or the second analog stick, as would have been ideal and easy to do but it's beyond me why the designers left this out. Especially when you're fighting and you can't see the enemy you're trying to hit because you can't move the freakin' camera. This really hurts the game, and it's such a shame.

Now, the fighting. So far, it's very basic, boring, and totally uninnovative. I've just started out, though, so I'm saving final judgement until I've acquired some more skills and hopefully it will get better. But so far you just have three magic skills: fire, ice, and wind. You switch between them with the L and R buttons, and you press A to charge up and let out a magic blast. It's pretty generic looking, and when an enemy dies they just disappear, there's no animation whatsoever, they just vanish. It looks cheesy. The first battle area I saw was just a bunch of plain brown polygons. Not much detail at all and the enemies seem similarly bland. Looks sorta like stuff on the PS1 or DC. They just sort of charge at you and try to bump you, cutting down on your energy.

On the upside, the story seems rather charming, there is very good voice acting (almost every character's lines are spoken), and there is some nice animation. The main character, Tenerezza, is very well designed and detailed. The interior of the houses is also very detailed. There is also a decent anime intro complete with theme song. The music is fairly good as well, it really fits the game nicely.

You move from one area to the next also like Grandia II--you're on a world map and you just choose where to go and poof, you go there. Seems rather linear.

Anyway, these are my first impressions of the game. I'm a bit disappointed with it right now. But, seeing as it's the only Japanese anime action-rpg out on the Xbox right now, I'm going to give it some time and see if it gets better. I don't think it's a bad game, it just has some small problems that really have no reason to be in there (the frame rate, the lack of camera movement, etc), and so that annoys me. It looks like a DC game, I mean, the DC could have easily done this. This is the Xbox we're talking about, so there's no excuse.

I haven't had time to play Galaxy angel enough to write a review yet, so maybe this weekend I'll get around to that (I've been too busy with DOAX!). Galaxy angel is a FAR better game than Tenerezza though. It feels polished, and it really uses the Xbox hardware's capabilities.

So far I agree with the Famitsu review of 7,7,6,6 for Tenerezza. But I'll post my own review soon.

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