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Capcom should have had their own E3 press conference because they killed it this year

Capcom should have had their own E3 press conference because they killed it this year


While my personal "Game of the Show" is Devil May Cry 5 (I bought the main theme on iTunes and brush my teeth to that shit), I know a lot of folks went crazy for Resident Evil 2's remake. And it's easy to see why: the trailer was highly effective at inducing a general sense of terror, and then flipped our expectations once we saw Leon's handsome mug show up. You could hear the crowd audibly gasp, and then the gameplay and a date came. Apparently it plays well too.

Oh, and word on the street is that the long-awaited Mega Man 11, the first non-NES style classic Mega Man game in 22 years (since 8) is pretty good, Proto Man/Bass are now part of Mega Man's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Monster Hunter is crossing over with Final Fantasy XIV, the Mega Man X Collections are getting new cross-game modes with a story, Cody is in Street Fighter V, and they have Street Fighter tournaments going on at E3.

Straight up, Capcom had enough for its own Direct. Maybe it's not the best move pragmatically, as they strutted their stuff with two of the biggest conferences around -- Microsoft and Sony. But they definitely killed it at E3 this year and deserve the credit for doing so.
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I agree. Capcom is getting back in shape, maybe aside from their fighters.

Infinite was crap and SFV performs like a cammel.

They would do well to correct their mistakes. Bring on Capcom VS SNK 3!

But aside from that, Monster Hunter finally caught up with the times, DMC is back, RE2 is back to sweet 3rd person goodness. I am excited! I am definitely buying RE2 and DMC5 at launch. That with some KH3 sprinkled in between. What more could i ask?

Unfortunately... still a bit far away.
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