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Capcom terminates Vancouver studio projects, expects huge losses of 4.5 billion yen

The canceled project was probably a new Dead Rising game?

Click for full size

(Update) Capcom terminates Vancouver studio projects, expects huge losses of 4.5 billion yen

Consolidated results projection remains intact

[Update: Sadly, it looks like it's worse for the studio than thought, as game designer Aidan Scanlan has tweeted that Capcom Vancouver has closed its doors for good. also received word, from an unnamed Capcom source, that the developer plans to focus all major game development from its expanding Japanese studios going forward.]

Industry giant Capcom has announced the termination of all projects currently underway at Capcom Vancouver - the division responsible for titles such as Dead Rising and Puzzle Fighter - in a move that is set to record huge losses for the Japanese developer/publisher.

In an official press statement, Capcom stated that "as a result of reviewing titles in development at Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, Inc., Capcom now expects to record losses from the termination of development projects of approximately 4.5 billion yen". To save you the trouble of digging out the currency converter, that's in the region of some 40 million USD.

Despite this, the statement goes on to clarify that Capcom do not expect this to change their forecast for the year. The statement specifically namechecks adventure title Monster Hunter: World - and its record-breaking performance on both console and PC - as an anchor that will offset this incredible financial loss.

Essentially, Monster Hunter: World has performed so well for the publisher, that a loss of 4.5 billion yen will apparently not affect any of Capcom's projections for the rest of the financial year. You can read the full statement at the official Capcom Investor Relations site.
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I was reading too that they made lots of successes and profit from their games. Weird that they would just shut them down if they were bringing in the cash.
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Must be because capcom is adopting the same doctrine EA does with their studios.

One failure and you're closed.
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Nah... their Xbox exclusives struggled to break even.

It was a huge risk for little return, i guess.
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The games were subpar. Capcom is right, I tho k, to consolidate its output into fewer studios with more staff.
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Cutting off the dead weight.
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