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Grant's Top Dreamcast Games

So?. This is my list of my personal bet dreamcast games. And also showing how breakthrough these games were by letting you know there spinoffs on other consoles. Oh if only these games had stayed on the Dreamcast it still could have been a great system today. If anyone has any suggestions or thinks differently ten post below and we can debate.


01 Shenmue

Whilst it had its critics. Shenmue was simply the most immersive, detailed game on the Dreamcast. It had stunning visuals, a tremendous storyline and innovative gameplay.

Spinoff : Shenmue 2 (Xbox) Shenmue Online (PC)

02 Metropolis Street Racer

Despite the European release being dogged by bugs. MSR was one of the most amazing games of its time. Recreating in painstaking detail 3 major cities and innovation with the kudos system meant this was a DC must have. Was a massive challenge also.

Spinoff: Project Gotham Series

03 Crazy Taxi

No game had more replay value than Crazy Taxi. Perfecting drifts and boosts was essential. And the Crazy Box added longevity. This arcade perfect conversion was a must have, The PS2 remake was not a patch on the original and the Dreamcast sequel didn?t touch it either.

Spinoff: Crazy Taxi 3 (Xbox)

04 Virtua Tennis 2

The easy to play, tough to master gameplay in Virtua Tennis 2 was impressive. The gameplay was speeded up and women were introduced. Also added player creation and a world tour mode. Made the best even better. A port to PS2 was released.

Spinoff: Virtua Tennis: World Tour (PSP)

05 Resident Evil ? CV

Took the series into glorious 3D for the first time. Gave a fantastic storyline and tight controls, with a perfect learning curve. Easily the best RE since it burst onto the scene with the original. Was remade for PS2 and Gamecube but the DC version always stood out.

06 Jet Grind Radio

One of the best kept secrets on Dreamcast. Tremendous graphics and originality as well as a great musical score meant this was one of the coolest games out. Critically acclaimed but like so many DC titles never made it to the masses.

Spinoff: JSR Future (Xbox)

07 Sonic Adventure 2

The best 3D sonic to date. Great graphics and level design made this title a must have DC title. However despite Sonic and Shadows levels being great fun the other characters levels were more of a chore and hence didn?t capture the ganre defining 16-bit days. Was remade on gamecube with crisper graphics.

Spinoffs: All the Sonics

08 Phantasy Star Online

This game was hard to place on my list. It was highly addictive online. And was responsible for more hours than any other game. I still play the Gamecube version now. The addictive simple RPG that became more in-depth the more you play it pioneered console online gaming. Gamecube and Xbox ports followed which included split screen multiplayer.

Spinoffs: PSO 1&2 (Xbox, Gamecube), PSO: BB (PC)

09 Shenmue 2

The sequel to the best game on the Dreamcast. Was released in Europe with subtitles and Japan, and got a full English Xbox translation. Lost some of the feel of the first game but retained the great visuals and polished story.

10 Soul Calibur

This could well be many peoples No.1 game. Personally for me it falls short due to the fact that despite everything it is still a standard fighter with weapons. That said a bloody good one. The graphics were better than the sequels. The gameplay superb and unlockables galore. Easily the best DC fighter.

11 Sonic Adventure

Whilst it hasn?t stood the test of time well. The thrill of Sonic flying through the emerald coast level won?t be forgotten. When Sonic was released the graphics were miles ahead of anything out at the time. The biggest selling DC game.

12 House Of The Dead 2

As gun games go. Virtua Cop set the standard and Time Crisis perfected it, the story of Segas life. House Of The Dead 2 tried to do something different, and succeeded. Enemys on the whole were not armed and had dashed at the played. They also needed multiple shots to kill. This was a short lived but intense expieriance.

Spinoff: House Of the Dead 3 (Xbox)

13 Dead Or Alive 2

The ability to counter and multiple floors per stage made DOA2 stand out from the rest, oh and the boobs of course. Just falls short of Soul Calibur but still a master piece in itself. Looked better than the PS2 version and propelled this series into the limelight.

Spinoff: Dead Or Alive 3/4/Beach Volleyball

14 Virtua Tennis

Relegated down the list due to its sequel. Virtua Tennis is the one that started it all. A smash arcade hit that DC owners loved.

15 Ferrari F355 Challenge

This simulation racer was not everyones cup of tea. It was incredibly difficult. But it looked gorgeous and played fantasticly well. A PS2 version was made but was inferior (again) to the DC version.

16 Skies Of Arcadia

As turn based RPG?s go this was up there with the best. The graphics were good and the gameplay immersive. This addictive game certainly roped you in for many hours and is one of the most sorght after DC games after the DC?s life.

Spinoff: Skies Of Arcadia : Legends (GC)

17 Daytona USA 2001

Probably the most famous arcade game of all time. The 2 saturn versions of this game failed to do it justice. So after nearly a decade of waiting users finally got a definitive version of Daytona. Great visuals and speed and additional tracks made this a great purchase, shame that online play didn?t make it out of Japan.

18 Ecco

Visually stunning. Ecco took the original 2D Mega Drive title to the next generation. But it maintained some of its original criticisms. Such as its rock hard difficulty level. However thradhing around with Ecco was a joy to watch and control. PS2 version again was weaker than the DC original.

19 Samba De Amigo

Despite its ?100 proce tag. Samba remains one of the most original games in modern times and was one of the DC?s most fun game. And physically demanding. The music was great too!!!

20 Powerstone

The Dreamcast was blessed with many great fighters. So to stand out you had to be special. Powerstones isometric view and ability to use weapons as well as pick up the environment and throw it really made it a winner. The sequel lost some of the originals sparkle.

Spinoff: Powerstone Collection (PSP)

21 Sega Rally 2

The sequel to the Saturns surprise smash was not as groundbreaking as the original. However it retained its thrill a minute arcade experience and fun gameplay. The Model 3 conversion wasn?t easy as was proved with Virtua Fighter 3 but it more than held its own.

Spinoff: Sega Rally Revo. (PS3/X360)

22 Space Channel 5

This highly addictive dance game was brilliant fun for all. Slick graphics and great presentation made it another great original game for Dreamcast. A Japanese only Part 2 was made.

23 Quake 3 Arena

As online multiplayers go this was the best there was. The action was fast and lag minimal. For blast a minute fun there was nothing better. It also had compatibility with PC servers.

24 Ready 2 Rumble

This launch title proved a massive hit as it was available on most of the Dreamcast Demo pods and proved a real people magnet. Hilarious over the top animations and special moves made it stand out as the best DC boxing game. Round 2 followed, but didn?t have the same appeal.

25 Outtrigger

Coming towards the end of the DC?s life. This game offered an alternative to Quake. Great vibrant visuals with tight arcade combat areas meant this was a frantic fast paced shooter. If a little bare in the single player department.

26 Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC?s close controls really gave you the feeling you were on the canvas grappling. The DC version was the definitive version and caught the mood and feel of UFC brilliantly.

27 Sega Bass Fishing

Possibly the most boring game ever you would think. But Sega bass fishing was perfectly implemented making it the most realistic sim out there, not up everyones street but a dream come true to fishing enthusiasts.

28 Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Despite being inside the top 30 it ranks 5th in the DC fighters list. Fantastic animation. Fast gameplay and a great soundtrack make this the best 2D fighter and shines in a world dominated by 3D fighters.

29 Hydro Thunder

Maybe a surprise but Hydro Thunder is a unsung DC hit. Its visually vibrant, fast paced action that takes a lot to master. It was an arcade perfect conversion that impressed all who played it.

30 Headhunter

Headhunter came before the days of Splinter Cell & Co. Though not the same calibur as Metal Gear Solid it certainly was not a bad game and had some great touches. Only released in Europe and Japan and one of the biggest US import DC games.

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Nice list - I generally agree, though there's a few things I'd change/add/remove

Definitely move Hydro Thunder up that list to Top 10. It's cheesy but fun.

Add Carrier, Blue Stinger and Sword of the Berserk into that list. All fun games.

Dump Ferrari, DOA 2 and Mavel vs Capcom. Yawn. Not needed.

Good list overall.
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1. Shenmue
2. Shenmue 2

Everything else was mediocre.
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hmmmmm, let me separate the good from the bad in my opinion:

Metropolis Street Racer ( Different from PG1 & 2, so its good : )

Shenmue ( Good but not great , you know nothing special, but ok )

Crazy Taxi (Fun game )

Jet Grind Radio ( Alright game, but the import version is better )

Sonic Adventure 2 ( Perfect Game, just like SOA 1 and SOA DX )

Shenmue 2 ( Great game again, but nothing special, but cool )

Sonic Adventure ( See above )

House Of The Dead 2 ( FUN )

Ferrari F355 Challenge ( tough, but fun and flawed, but still good )

Skies Of Arcadia ( Perfect game )

Powerstone ( Wooooooooooo, better then part II? Yes. But both games are great )

Quake 3 Arena ( Perfect game, better then the pc version, in control and sound and music and graphics )

Outtrigger ( One of the best games on dreamcast, but make sure you use a keyboard and mouse to play it. Playing this game with a pad is impossible )

Sega Bass Fishing ( SB , SB 2 and marine fishing, all 3 are perfect )

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 ( Alright game )

Hydro Thunder ( Fun game, not tough like some people may think )


Virtua Tennis 2 ( Great game, but goes down hill when near the end of the championship, the game goes from easy to impossible, ugh i hate it )

Resident Evil ? CV ( Gave up on the Resident Evil Series after Part II. Nothing is wrong with the game, but i wish there was a option to get rid of the blood and gore )

Phantasy Star Online ( haha, this game sucks, all of them. Play shining force )

Soul Calibur ( I use to like the game, until i let my friend hold it and he broke it and i just for some reason, gave up on the game )

Dead Or Alive 2 ( Some of the worst gameplay ever in a fighting game, right next to tekken, blah moving on, the dead or alive series is retarted )

Virtua Tennis ( See above , moving on )

Daytona USA 2001 ( Gave up on the series, too tough )

Ecco ( ROFL yea right. I do wanna point out, that i had the genesis version years ago and i use to love the game, from the graphics, and music, OMG the music is so peaceful, but the game went from easy to confusing and like impossible , i gave up. If only the game was easy )

Samba De Amigo ( ROFL, yea right )

Sega Rally 2 ( Shame on sega and their racers. I do own the pc version, but still bad game. part 1 is fun tho, but part II is so tough ) :yikes:

Space Channel 5 ( )

Ready 2 Rumble ( Never been a fan of boxing, in games or non games )

Ultimate Fighting Championship ( Not a fan of the sport, sorry )

Nice list grant :cool guy:
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George Foreman
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I agree with most of the list but where the hill is Toy Commander. That has got to be at least in the top ten.

George Foreman will shout it from the rooftops until everyone knows of Toy Commander's greatness.
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I never played Blue Stinger. It had great reviews but was always in the bargain bin which put me off.

Same for Toy Commander. Although I did have Toy Racer which was fairly fun!

Thanks for the Feedback... Keep it coming.
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Never mind Legendary - Space Channel 5 and Samba are fine.

Get rid of the gore? WTF?

Yeah, I missed UFC the first time I read the list. Not my cup of tea.

I'd replace it with Rayman - which is sheer perfection for a platformer.

Blue Stinger is fun in that cheesy, B movie sort of way - but worth playing.
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Hello handsome!
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Good list and some good memories.

Did you ever play Typing of the Dead? I'm still looking for another keyboard for awesome 2 player action.
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Daytona USA 2001
You're wrong about the online play. This game DID have online play in the US version, it just sucked really bad. The connection would usually drop mid-race, and get very laggy when any two cars approached each other.

Space Channel 5
One of my favorite Dreamcast games, part 2 was twice as good (as sequels should be). However, you forgot to mention that there was a US version of SC5part2 released on PS2 as "Space Channel 5 Special Edition". It includes both Space Channel 5 games on two discs.

Where is mention of Capcom vs SNK? That's one of the best fighting series, easily much better than Marvel vs Capcom, in my opinion.

Also, Typing of the Dead rocked.
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I'd have to say Virtua Tennis 1 is better than 2.

Sword of the Berserk and Street Fighter III should of made at least top 30.

Other than that, good list.
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Grandia II deserves a spot up there.. because Grandia II port on PS2 was shitty.
^ disregard that, I suck Cock.
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Deal with it.
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Street Fighter III ~ Double Impact & Third Strike, Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue 1 & 2, Soul Calibur, and Resident Evil ~ Code Veronica are my top picks.
Turn on the difference.
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Originally Posted by fruitsofherwomb
Grandia II deserves a spot up there.. because Grandia II port on PS2 was shitty.
Damn - you're exactly right. I can't believe I forgot about it.

Dump Phantasy Star Online and replace it with Grandia 2.

And I agree with Justin Credible - Virtua Tennis 1 was better.

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Deal with it.
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I never said anything about Virtua Tennis.
Turn on the difference.
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