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Ghost Recon 2

for you rainbow six and ghost recon fans out there, and anyone else for that matter, did u know that until today i was patiently waiting for Ghost Recon 2 to be released for the PC? i got curious as to why the thing was being delayed up the butthole, and i found out that they actually cancelled it, and instead will focus on Ghost Recon 3. so PC users will get GR1 ----> GR3 .......?!

just needed to vent, they said that GR3 was to have a fourth quarter 2005 release, i think they misprinted that and actually meant 2008. Ubisoft disappointed a fan today, i dont have much money to spend on PC games, and with F.E.A.R. looking good, i dont know...

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Well the retards spent too long on the console versions and thenr ealised ohnoes we actually suck at managing our time scheduals. I'll also put FEAR heads and shoulders above any ghost recon game in priority of spending money.
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