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Words can barely describe the essence and out-and-out brilliance of Super Castlevania IV.

Dracula?s castle summons a Belmont once again. With Simon Belmont?s Vampire Killer in hand, he must traverse 11 of some of the most incredible stages that have ever been conceived in a Castlevania title. Each level is divided into three sections, and each level is designed where platforming and evading hazardous traps take center stage. This is a style of Castlevania where you don?t just run and jump, whipping every fiend of Dracula you encounter. You must navigate through some of the most dangerous levels yet. Swinging across platforms is something you will do quite often. You will also jump from enormous swinging chandeliers that exude a most direful creaking effect. And as you slay ghouls, their dreadful moan precedes their flaming spirit that ascends into the sky. Whipping skeletons eventually leads them to their explosive death, as their bones shatter and scatter all around with a bursting effect. Each enemy has its own impressive death animation and hair-raising effect. The sound effects are simply spellbinding.

?From start to finish, Super Castlevania IV is nothing short of a rock-solid, legendary experience.?

With spellbinding sound effects you are greeted with an illustrious soundtrack that is epic and melodic in nature, yet it delivers a wave of far-reaching intensity that rushes over your senses, drowning them in its masterful, classical compositions. This is some of the best music you will ever hear in a Castlevania title, bar none. Simon will find himself liquidating the vile fiends of Dracula in levels such as an underground cavern, a graveyard, a library and a treasury. Other classic levels such as the clock tower are also present.

Just about every aspect in Castlevania IV is superb and this most definitely includes the graphics. The game is designed with a dark, foreboding theme. The aesthetics are truly fantastic. Konami has managed to work its magic on the SNES hardware delivering some especially striking Mode 7 effects. The environments are astonishing and create a very spine-chilling and supremely intoxicating atmosphere. Again, the level design is brilliant. Your deaths will not occur too often fighting bosses, but in the actual platforming itself. The bosses are satisfying and some ? even most ? seem easy to kill. The enemies and bosses manage to do a significant amount of damage in the latter stages. Even so, Castlevania IV?s difficulty won?t provoke the thrown controller syndrome as the difficulty is just about right for a Castlevania game.

Although Simon?s look and design is a little odd and seemingly not quite human, controlling him is almost effortless. This time around you are able to swing your whip in eight different directions, which dramatically increase the playability. By holding down the attack button, Simon holds his arm out allowing for complete manipulation of his whip and is able to swing it in any direction. This unusual display of whipping doesn?t prove too useful and is extremely weak, but sometimes you will find yourself using it to get yourself out of tight situations.

Final Impressions

Super Castlevania IV, without a shred of doubt, is heralded as the epitome of 2D Castlevania. With the jump from 8- to 16-bit, Castlevania shook and absolutely rocked the foundation of gaming. What gamers throughout the world got to experience was a Castlevania title like no other. This is Castlevania at its finest. From start to finish, Castlevania IV is nothing short of a rock-solid, legendary experience. Indeed, legendary is not the only adjective that can be used to describe this title. In fact, Castlevania IV delivers such an epic adventure ? such amazing platforming ? it is sure to make you weep tears of joy. The end, which employs a series of spectacular, classic boss fights, is quite possibly the best I have ever experienced in a Castlevania title. Now that I think of it, the last series of boss fights in Dracula X: Rondo of Blood holds that great honor as well. Super Castlevania IV stands the test of time. It is a game that you will come back to over and over again. Konami crafted a mighty fine Castlevania that has captured the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere.

Final Score: 9.5
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