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I finished the game in around 60 hours. I played as the Temp Knight and Barbarian before picking my favorite. You can use magic by just getting the spell, a wand, and the MP to cast. I didn't put any skill into MP, I was so concerned with DEX. The classes are Knight, barbarian, wanderer, priest, soldier, magician, TmpKnight, theif, Royal, and hunter. Temp Knight seemed the way to go, but I found the Knight to be better then both tmpknight and barbarian.
The balance is dead on bc its all on strategy if you dont have the stats. I died fighting like a knight, but won fighting like a magician if that makes sense. But say like the barbarian, he starts out with a club, its powerful and you can switch off. But I liked how the knight was already custom to the blade.

This is an example of its cool loading screens.
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