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Nintendo Reportedly Stepping Away from Mobile Games

That's a great move, don't really care about mobile games.

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Nintendo Reportedly Stepping Away from Mobile Games

The warp pipe is empty.

Nintendo is reportedly retreating from the mobile gaming market, and currently has no new mobile games in development.

A Bloomberg report indicates that Nintendo has been underwhelmed by its mobile games' financial performance, and is now preferring to concentrate on making games for its own Switch console following the huge success of games like Animal Crossing (which contributed to a 12-year high in share price).

Analyst Serkan Toto told Bloomberg that "since the release of Mario Kart Tour in fall 2019, Nintendo’s mobile pipeline is empty”. The analyst added that the huge success of Switch has "reduced the need and the pressure" to create mobile game successes at the company.

Nintendo has previously said that it will now concentrate on its current mobile games, such as Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The company's mobile development partner, DeNA, has reportedly also said not to expect new games until the end of the Japanese fiscal year (31st March 2021), implying there's no Nintendo mobile games coming anytime soon.

While reports have suggested that Nintendo's mobile output has grossed over $1 billion, Nintendo has apparently not been primarily motivated to make money directly from its mobile games, reportedly even asking developers to adjust their games so that they allowed players to spend less.

Nintendo's move out of the mobile arena to concentrate on Switch is likely to be a popular decision among players. We've written previously about how the company's mobile output hasn't amounted to much, and how it doesn't stand up to the legacy of Satoru Iwata.
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Sounds like a win to me. Put those developers on some real games instead.
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This is honestly good for everyone. Have you ever played Mario kart on Mobile and seen those prices to buy in game currency? Makes even EA blush.
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Their mobile games didn't have the same feel too their traditional games but you can't expect much on mobile controls. Also they had a ton of micro transactions... Mario Kart was awful.
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Good for them.

Mobile games are trash.
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