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Joe Redifer
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Admin has announced a new official banner contest. At first I thought it was going to be a contest between the mods to see who could BAN the most people, but unfortunately it is not that at all. Anyway this time there are some cool prizes:

Originally Posted by admin
I think it's time to do another banner contest. I can give away two of these games as prizes:

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (PS2)
Batman Begins (PS2) (See edit comments below)
Medal of Honor European Assault (XBOX)
Resident Evil Zero (GC)
Jade Cocoon 2 (PS2)

We only need two banners, one for the site and one for the forum. This time for the website, I'd like to have a banner in both 780x175 and 1024x175. The longer banner will be used in the game preview pages.
One game for the main banner, one for the forum banner.

So try and design 2 sizes. I'd suggest starting with the smaller size, and if you get the go-ahead, open up the file and make it wider (not by just stretching it, but by rearranging stuff as well) so don't trash those original PSD files or whatever it is you use. Of course if you want to make the wider version at the same time, feel free. Post them here. You can use free image hosting places like Imageshack and whatnot.

For the forum banner, we'd only need the smaller size, and make sure it says "Magic Box forums" on it like the current hella-awesome banner we have now does. Whoever designed that current banner is a freakin' awesome individual.

If there are any questios, ask them here and we will try not to ignore them for too long.

Now get busy!

[Edit] Batman Returns (PS2) was originally listed as a prize, but the actual prize is the Batman Begins videogame for PS2. To repeat, if you win, you will not get Batman Returns for the PS2, you will get Batman Begins for the PS2.

[Edit by Admin] ** UPDATED ***
Nokia has sponsored additional prizes for the Banner Contest! The grand prize winner will get the game of his/her choice, plus the Nokia Backpack that contains a bunch of cool stuffs like headphones, N-Gage game, Nokia T-Shirts, Soundtrack CD, and so on.

It is no longer required to place any Nokia or N-Gage related graphics in your banner design to win the Nokia prizes. You are check out the accessories in the backpack at the N-gage Arena website:

Last edited by admin; 10-21-2005 at 01:51 AM.
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