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Project Sakura Wars launches December 12 in Japan, now a mech action RPG!

It maybe a good switch from SRPG to action, the battle system this time seems more interesting.

Project Sakura Wars launches December 12 in Japan; latest details, trailer, and battle gameplay First look at the game's mecha action.

New Characters

Yang Xiaolong (voiced by Yuuichirou Umehara)
Shanghai Combat Revue “Wu Shenlong” Captain.

“Shanghai Combat Revue ‘Wu Shenlong’… now is the time we start the fight!”

A young man who serves as captain of the Shanghai Combat Revue. He is a hot-blooded young man who hates dishonesty and often says things straight from his heart. Since he talks about everything frankly with a smile on his face, his words are seldom taken as vile, even if he talks ill of someone. In battle, he boasts extremely high offensive strength thanks to his martial arts techniques. In his everyday life, his nickname is “The Rice Chef of Fire,” as he works as a skilled chef who serves up specialty Chinese-style fried rice.

Huang Yui (voiced by Sumire Uesaka)
Shanghai Combat Revue “Wu Shenlong” member.

“Your potential is going to be spoiled in the Imperial Combat Revue… Hey, why not come to the Shanghai Combat Revue?”

A cheerful, honest, and energetic girl with an unyielding spirit. She is most agile member of the Shanghai Combat Revue. While generally easygoing, her utmost love for the Shanghai Combat Revue sometimes causes her to be harsh on the Imperial Combat Revue and their shortcomings. Despite that, she seems to acknowledge Sakura Amamiya for her grit, and is friendly to her as someone who has been with the Combat Revue for a longer time.

Exhilarating Action Battles: Basics of Battle

Project Sakura Wars cycles between adventure and battle sequences, through which you will progress through the story and stengthenen your bond with the heroines.

Battle parts use an action combat system in which you take control of the leader Kamiyama and the other members’ mechs. Utilize each character’s unique abilities and defeat enemies with exhilarating combos and special attacks.

The more you strengthen your bond with teammates, the stronger they become during battle parts. Experience dramatic battles, and even let the story unfold within them.

Flashy, Three-Dimensional Action with Simple Controls

Use a combination of the Square and Triangle buttons to unleash a flurry of standard attacks. Use your jumps and dashes to move freely throughout the battlefield, and use many other actions such as wall running and just-dodges to defeat enemies.

—Standard Attack




—Wall Run

Places that you can wall run can be found at specific points on the map. Use this to move around dynamically.

Finish the Enemy with Special Attacks! Familiar Scenes from the Sereies Return!

Collect Spirit Power during battles to use special attacks to finish off your enemies. When you use a special attack, scenes specific to that character will play out. Spirit Power can be amassed by defeating enemies and gathering Spirit recovery items. Also, by fulfilling certain special conditions, you can perform joint attacks with other members. Please look forward to how Kamiyama and the members’ attacks will play out!

Use Just-Dodges to Turn the Tide of Battle!

When you take a step while an enemy is attacking, a just-dodge will trigger. Use this to turn the tide of battle and strike back. During just-dodges you can even cut an enemy in two. When doing so, a dynamic effect will play out.

Charge the Bond Gauge and Boost your Members’ Abilities!

During battle parts, when the bonds between Kamiyama and each member gets stronger, their abilities also get a boost. The starting value of the gauge can be increased through the actions you take during adventure parts, as well as further boosted depending on the play contents of battle mode.

Dramatic Scenes Make Events and Battles Exciting!

Even during battle, the story will progress via event scenes and communications. Cooperate with your allies to come out in victory.

■ Unique Personal Mechs: Each Mech Has its Own Unique Abilities

Seijuurou Kamiyama – Spiricle Fighter: Mugen

The “Spiricle Fighter: Mugen” operated by Seijuurou Kamiyama is characterized by its variety of attacks unleashed from its dual swords. In close combat, it runs around the battlefield with its almighty fighting strength. Its special attack is called “Juuou Mujin: Arashi.” It overpowers the enemies in its vicinity with overwhelming combo attacks.

Sakura Amamiya – Spiricle Armor: Sanshiki Koubu

The “Spiricle Armor: Sanshiki Koubu” operated by Sakura Amamiya is an older-style mech, but it can unleash steady attacks one hit after the other. Its special attack is called “Tenken: Sakura Fubuki.” It rounds up the enemies in front of it and unleashes an attack, and has the power to clear an entire front of the battlefield.

Gameplay video segments:

10:01 to 13:06 – Anastasia Palma and Azami Mochizuki Cutscenes
22:18 to 23:15 – Yang Xiaolong and Huang Yui Cutscene
33:04 to 33:46 – Cutscene
34:34 to 35:52 – Bathhouse Cutscene
39:36 to 40:45 – Battle Gameplay
49:57 to 54:50 – Battle Gameplay
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Well... the combat does look more interesting then the visual novel style people talking in your face with a static background.
"Only those with narrow minds fail to see that the definition of Impossible is "Lack of imagination and incentive"" - DUNE:BJ
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Same what I was thinking.
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This bot is excited.

Anyways, i forgot to mention that people will be up in arms cause of the action combat. This used to be a Tactical RPG. Last time they did that was Valkyria Azure revolution, and while the game was decent, it was terribly received.

If i was a fan of the series i would probably be disappointed at about now.
"Only those with narrow minds fail to see that the definition of Impossible is "Lack of imagination and incentive"" - DUNE:BJ
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