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Originally Posted by Mistatee

If you leave a group halfway in FFXI, or most MMOs for that matter, you begin to gain a bad reputation, and with that it becomes harder to get group. In GW, for what I have seen atleast, it didn't matter, and ontop fo that, you can't recruit new members, since the instance is what you are in. Instead you must "join a new game" and start over. Likewise I'd also liketo take this good oppurtunity to saw, if one person zones, and the whole place gets reset=> GAY.
Ok, its obvious why you cant recruit people in the middle of the mission. Everybody would wait outside until someone left so they only had to kill one enemy and be done with the mission.
People do get a reputation in GW! There are many players but you end up seeing them again at one point or another... The reputation you speak of is very realative has well in other RPG's since you only seem to play with the same persons so much cause you are all at about the same level. But, if you stop playing for a couple of days you will see a whole new set of players that dont know you...
About the whole place getting reset... it makes sense, cause why the hell would you want to reset? I actually hate having to zone with my party in every MMORPG when a high level monster is agroed by the party... i do prefer GW in wich the whole zone is for your party only and with enemies your party can take on.

Originally Posted by Mistatee

Uninspired PVP-
FIrst of all, point-and-click PvP is horrible. Second, it in no way matches PvP on say a FFA server in an MMO when an enemy can come from anywhere. Third, PvP feels 100% the same as fighting Mobs, just you switch up some of your abilities to be more eefective. Adrenline did not ever flow through my vains when playing PvP in GW.
First point: point-and-click or not is up to you. Personally i dont use point and click except to pick my target and use my skills. You are gonna tell me: "Oh, but then the other unskilled player will be able to catch up to my pro running!" I say to you, be smarter! You can predict his path so you can just has well get him stuck behind a tree with a quick move and gain enough time to get away and recover while he wonder what the hell happened.
Talking about adrenaline... what class did you play has anyways? Theres lots going on at once in pvp fights and i doubt your adrenaline wasnt poping up unless you really didnt have a clue of what was going on...
Anyways hear yourself... "just you switch up some of your abilities to be more eefective"... you make it sound like a trivial thing! You need a strategy, its not has easy has switching some of the skills... and certainly aint the same has fighting mobs... especially in 8vs8. Team play plays a fundamental part and has good you are doesnt make a difference in the 8vs8 arena, only how good your team is... or how good your guild is! And theres your definition of community: the guild!. The community that helps you and gathers together to fight against other guilds where team work is the main trait!

Also, btw with recent updates the enemy AI became much smarter and you wont be able to use the same strategies in PvE that you use in PvP. Mostly area of effect spells now make the mobs scatter.

Originally Posted by Mistatee

When i said "99 in D2 in 1-3 days, same as GW" I ment you could get to the cap in GW in 1-3 days easy. Sorry that wasn't clear. Not to say all MMOs should be long grueling experiences, but there are always content problems that occur when an MMO is short, and from my knowledge, PvP is there to fill the whole once the whole campaign is done. That just might be my take on it though.
Well give it another year and theres gonna be more PvE than you can swallow. Anyways the game isnt short! The story mode is! Very different...
Theres lots to do after you finish the story mode... its actually the start of a new phase in the game! You will visit the high level areas (Fissure of woe, underworld, tomb, sorrows furnace) where you will farm for those uber weapons or materials you need to sell and make money or to craft great looking armor you always wanted. Theres also some high level quests that get unlocked once you ascend your character... so theres lots more to keep you busy has long has you want to...

Originally Posted by Mistatee

MMO Feel-
MMOs are usually 100% about grouping. You group to escape "the high level guy trying to take loot" You group even larger people to kill the "bos with the phatest loot." Thats just the overall layout of an MMO at this period in time. Now I wouldn't mind playing anything that escapes this mold (like Planetside, if that wasn't ****) which it seems like GW was trying to do, but its not really an MMO, from what I have sad above and below, and ontop of that I really don't care for the game, at all. Also in GW, your actions really have such a minimal impact on the overall game, that it realy looses value when called an MMO. In WoW, atm, people are collecting war supplies across the server to open a gate to a new dungeon. The whole server is working together, as it is a race between servers. Thats a community, and the working together is an example of the MMO feel that isn't present, mainly from the lack of servers, in GW.

Ill end this...for now
I honestly dont see why you think GW isnt a MMO. You have town with lots of people, you group with a party and you go do stuff with that party. Only difference: the map is all yours! No interferance from high level players... cause in the end what does it matter if theres someone standing there when you walk past? Makes nothing for me... might has well have a tree
You said back there you have to go back to town when your party members leave to get more but in the end its about the same time it takes for the nearest available player to reach the place where your party has set camp in other MMORPG's. Yes, its a different way to do things, but i dont see how its less MMO than the other online RPG's.

Look at what you made me write And i left my GW on all this time!! lol!!
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