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Dell pulls extreme computers

Dude you got fucked with a dell.
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If I was paying a stupid amount like $6000 for my pc, I bloody well get what is listed. Then again the people that actually think they need to pay that much deserve to get a gimped pc.
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a Dell extreme computer? bwahaha

anyways, I remember I was talking to this kid im my class that was building a custom alienware computer and it came to like $3000. He told me to check out the specs and all the stuff in it you could get for like $800 easy (I can't remember what was in it exactly, but it was only like 1gb ram, 3ghz non duo processor and some not that great video card). It was crap for the price he was paying. I hate brand name PC companies that make you pay a shit load for the name on your PC.
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Nano Fox
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If I am ever going to spend 6 grand it would be a ACER laptop! Not some lame ass dell.
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