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I found a solution, but the dimensions I was looking for was the exact size of IE's with no kind of toolbars except the defalts such as the reglar toobar and the address bar. But the reason I was asking is because I'm making a new layout for my website and I wanted to know the correct dimensions so when I make the layout in photoshop I can input the dimensions, but I found a better way. I used printscreen while I had IE open (i used IE as a default size) and then opened PS then made a new file (which will be 1024x768) and then I used the magic wand tool to select the blank area (btw the url was set for about:blank to make the blank page), then I copied the select area, closed that image, opened a new one, which will set it for the exact dimensions from the selected area on the previous pic and just paste. But now thinking about it I want to have a layout that you have to scroll downwards, more or less a long page.
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