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This 3D-printed Switch cartridge holder is the stuff of dreams

If there's a template available, you can 3D print it.

Click for full size

This 3D-printed Switch cartridge holder is the stuff of dreams

I'll take one

As someone who is embedded in tabletop and gaming culture on a regular basis; I'm amazed at the sort of things people are able to create these days at home. 3D printing has made a lot of crafting accessible to the masses, and this Switch cartridge holder is proof of that.

Themed like an innocent looking Thwomp enemy from the Mario series, the box actually opens up and holds a decent amount of Switch carts. Shared on Reddit by creator budwad, the process apparently had a "steep learning curve." They apparently used the CR6-SE printer, which is one of the more affordable (but still expensive, in my mind) 3D printers out there. To get the finished Thwomp look, it was painted with acrylic.

By popular demand they put the base on Thingaverse, so you can try it out for yourself. A lot of similar "official" items I've seen hold around half (or less) of the carts here, which just goes to show you the beauty of 3D printing. With enough know-how, you can modify the project to suit your needs and add more slots.
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