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PS5 DualSense Controller Apparently Works With Nintendo Switch with an adapter

I got something called the CooV N100 adapter for the Switch, that lets me use a PS3, PS4 or Xbox One controller on Switch, it was one of the coolest thing.

Click for full size

PS5 DualSense Controller Apparently Works With Nintendo Switch

With an adapter, a Twitter user hooked up Sony's new controller to a Nintendo Switch console.

PlayStation 5 releases in November, and with it, a host of accessories unique to the next-generation system. The DualSense controller is Sony's first move away from the DualShock labeling, and includes new features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. One of the DualSense controller's other qualities, however, is that it doesn't work while hooked up to the PS4. Sony's current-gen console registers the new controller, but you can't use it to play any games.

It appears that the DualSense controller does work with the Nintendo Switch, however. Twitter user BrokenGamezHDR connected the DualSense controller to Nintendo's hybrid console by using an adapter. Named the 8BitDo adapter, the third party software allows players to use their preferred handheld controller with the Nintendo Switch and not be limited to Switch's Pro Controller.

In the video BrokenGamezHDR posted, he successfully uses the DualSense controller to navigate Switch's menu and play a small portion of Mario Kart. So while players can't use the DualSense controller with the PS4, they can certainly try mixing and matching with the Nintendo Switch system. How extra features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers would work in that scenario is still uncertain at this time.

The PS5 doesn't release until November 12, but some DualSense controllers have been available early. Developers have also wasted no time in getting the new accessory work on other systems, like the PC. Shakedown Hawaii's newest patch allows players to use DualSense controllers.

Other PS5 accessories--such as the Pulse 3D headset, media remote, and camera--will also be available soon. Check our PS5 preorder guide if you're looking to find any of these before launch.
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Hmm... if he could already use the ps3 and ps4 ones what is the point? Also, i can't imagine it being great with the button symbols crossed like that.
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