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Welcome to the Magic Box Forums! (Read me if you're new!)

Hello and welcome to the Magic Box forums. We are always happy to see a new face to discuss gaming, gaming life, the industry (and its unusual politics), as well as social events that happen in our lives. We are a strong community looking to have a good time on our little piece of the internet. To keep things pleasant, we have a few basic rules that we like our members to abide by. Don worry, for the most part, they are the same as any other message board.

Why do I see locks everywhere? Why can't I start a new thread?
Because you're new. You are allowed to respond to existing threads in the mean time, however. This is protection against spam, so please to not be alarmed. Once you have posted a few times and we see that you're cool, you'll be "promoted" to a regular member and be able to make new threads just like everyone else. Just be patient and be cool, it won't take too long!

1. Do not double post
Seems simple, right? If you make a post and wish to add something, don't make another post! Simply go and click the button and add it to your last post. Sometimes it is wise to add '[EDIT]' right before your addition if you are afraid that people will confuse the addition with what you intended to say initially.

2. Do not be a jerk
Seriously. We are all looking to have a good time, but don't join the forums and expect to be the next hot s*** in a week by insulting members. We insult each other, true, but we let it slide because we know one another fairly well. But if you are new, don't just come across as a wanna be rebel who is looking to take this board by storm. You'll get booted out of here faster than s*** through a goose.

3. Do not spam/ ad our forums!!!!
We have as many spam/ad problems as the next boards. Don't even try it here. We'll ban you without even asking your name. Then we'll make you look like a fool by manipulating your ad to look like you were supporting a competitor. Then we?ll post your IP and email address so people will harass you. How do you like them apples?

4. Do not post sexually explicit images/conent
Nudity is not tolerated. Think of the children! Won't somebody please think of the children! The rule of thumb is that if you can see it on public TV (Fox, CBS, NBC, et cetera) than it's ok. So bare butt....ok. Virtually everything else is not.

Nudity from a game is allowed only if the screenshot is an official screenshot from the game which can be found on the shelf in any store you go to, such as EB or Gamestop. As this is a gaming forum it stands as not pornographic since it is a PIXEL or POLYGON in an OFFICIAL game. Examples, God of War and Age of Conan.

5. Do not bring your garbage from one thread to another
If you disagree with a member in one thread, don't go around advertising it in another. People disagree with one another and quite frankly, unless we were a part of the discussion, we don't give a rat's ass who said what where.

6. Do not harass members
For any reason what so ever. If they tell you to leave them alone, please do so. Otherwise, you can expect a kick boot out of here. This includes harassment on the boards, or via the boards PM service.

7. Mod's word = teh law
Rough, I know. But for the most part, it takes a LOT to get banned here. If you were banned, you probably violated rules #2, 3, 4 or 6 multiple times. The mods here stand by the actions of the other mods, so don't go crying to another when one bans you. You will usually get a courtesy warning/temp ban before a permanent ban, but that is left to the digression of the moderators. In addition, if a Mod closes a thread, do not create another. Their word is law, do not argue with their decision. You know why you got banned.

Lastly, if you are new to message boards, I suggest you click here to watch this brief tutorial.

That's it! Enjoy posting here! We can't wait to hear what's on your mind!

-The Help

Games I'm hyped for
The Last of Us Part 2, RE2 Remake, The Last Night

Current Platforms:
PC (Zen9 5950x, 64GB, RTX 3090), PS5

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Drunken Savior
El Psy Kongroo!
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Just to inform you: I updated this page today. Nothing too new. I just elaborated on the nudity rule and the 'mod's word is law' rule.

Summary of additions:
-Nudity is not allowed, however if you see it on FOX, NBC, CBS than it's an extent. That means bare ass is allowed. But virtually nothing else. The key word being virtually.
-If a mod closes a thread, do not create another one to keep the discussion/argument/whatever going.
-Defined harassment more.

Games I'm hyped for
The Last of Us Part 2, RE2 Remake, The Last Night

Current Platforms:
PC (Zen9 5950x, 64GB, RTX 3090), PS5
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Edited nudity rule
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