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nVidia 9600GT benchmarks

Heres the new one. Not the uber one. Just one of the new ones. I wont bother putting all the resolutions here.

This card is supposed to be the cheaper alternative to the 8800GT 512mb card. Heres the current prices as follows from newegg-

8800GT 512mb MSI Overclocked $219, $199 with rebate. Theres a slightly more expensive one that comes with a free copy of Neverwinter nights 2 which is awesome, but this one has better cooling and the other one I'm unsure about since the standard line has supposedly overheating problems. This card has an awesome heatsink though.

8800GTS 512mb MSI overclocked $289, $259 after rebate. Free copy of Witcher with this one. The card is brilliant. I have the XFX version but the same clockspeed and it runs ANY game like a champ. Love it love it. I aint pgrading for a couple years lololol

9600GT 512mb EVGA overclocked $189. Now thats bloody cheap. For a card that performs close to the 8800GT, that price point is lush. It also has no heating problems unlike the 8800GT. Supposedly this card should drop to $169. Now theres slightly cheaper versions of the above cards, but those ones are slightly less in power. Think of losing about 5fps or so. You might not think thats alot but imagine playing a game at 25fps. Not too bad. But then play it at 30fps or slightly over and its a smooth experience. Gotta think about it like that.

Now heres the dilemma. You can easily go grab the 9600GT. Brilliant card. However, if you're planning to buy the Witcher, which is honestly a super super game, you would be spending $189 + $45, or whatever the game costs. $234 all up. You could instead just buy the 8800GTS, which comes with witcher and around 15-20fps more power, and after rebate you would of spent $25 extra then you would of had you gone the 9600GT.

I see I have confused you with making a choice now. Good.... This is how I operate.
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Thinking about it. Great MSRP and would provide a boost in alot of games I play.
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I rather wait to see what the benchmarks/price on the 9800 will be.
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