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Unreal engine created korean DDR style facebook style..kinda..just read.

Theres alot of text below but really each part lists something about the game that isnt exactly normal. I dont really know where to start with this but I'm sure someone would be interested. Oh and look, and Unreal engine game that doesnt look like fat space marines. Who'd of thought.

2 video clip links at the bottom

Nurien Software, a leading developer and operator of social networking and online game services, revealed today at the 2008 Game Developers Conference its revolutionary 3D social networking platform utilizing Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, the number one game engine for cross-platform game development. Included in Nurien’s integrated, next-generation social networking offering are: “MStar,” a rhythm dance game that blends user-created content, customizable characters and virtual dancing in a fun, open environment; “Runway,” an innovative fashion show application that enables players to perform as both apparel designers and runway models; and “QuizStar,” a casual online trivia game. Nurien will contribute to Epic’s press briefings in West Hall ES 144, on February 20 and February 21, at 2:00 p.m. PST each day. Nurien’s revolutionary online 3D social networking experience is scheduled for release in Korea during mid-2008, in China during Q4 2008 and in North America next year.

“What makes Nurien’s platform so exciting is the fact that it pulls Unreal Engine 3 into an entirely new arena,” said Jay Wilbur, vice president of Epic Games. “Nurien has created a gorgeous social dance game, along with other online social network applications, that look nothing like anything that has ever been created with our technology before. ‘MStar,’ ‘Runway’ and ‘QuizStar’ will deliver completely new gameplay experiences, and we are thrilled to give everyone a sneak peak at these games at this year’s Game Developers Conference.”

Nurien’s social networking service integrates a variety of casual online games, the first of which is “MStar,” a dance game in which players can buy clothing and props using microtransactions, and even create music videos that can be shared with other players. “MStar” differentiates itself further from other music-driven games by using 3D rhythm notes that appear around avatars based on characters’ dance movements, rather than simply scrolling notes across the screen. Nurien’s pioneering 3D social networking platform and “MStar” are the result of in-depth analyses of Asian gamers with special focus on Korea and China, where social virtual worlds and online dance games are in high demand.

“We wanted to create a social virtual world – sort of like a 3D MySpace – where users can create, collect, combine and share legacy media such as music, photos, video as well as 3D objects such as clothing, furniture, pets, cars and more, all in a beautiful 3D environment,” said Taehoon Kim, co-founder of Nurien Software. “We wanted to give users a powerful new vehicle for self-expression that breaks down real world limitations. We at Nurien believe that if people created homepages in the ‘90s to express themselves, and if they have migrated to blogging and using social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace today, then the next natural step will be to inhabit fun, virtual worlds with user-created avatars.”

Nurien’s next-gen social networking platform puts creative authority into players’ hands by enabling users to personalize 3D avatars that interact, network and play games with each other online. All social games and applications are built into the platform’s software client, which utilizes a highly advanced avatar system complete with content creation tools to offer unparalleled customization features. Superior shading technologies allow users to choose from over 3,000 materials and textures to invent an incredible range of clothing and accessories for 3D avatars. Virtual designers can incorporate materials such as leather, jeans and velvet onto a single item, and even apply decals to create truly unique wearable pieces of art.

Thanks to Unreal Engine 3, characters in the avatar system move realistically due to the assignment of unique physics values to body parts, hair and accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ties, gloves and skirts. Each component moves independently within the avatar environment, enabling characters to simulate realistic physical movements and take on lifelike personas.

The closed beta service for Nurien’s next-generation social network platform, which has been in development for three years, will begin in March 2008. The service is expected to officially launch in Korea in the latter half of the year, followed by China toward the end of this year.
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It looks too weaboo for me. I enjoy myself alot of Jpop music, but watching the 14 year old asian girls dance on stage in pink dresses is where I draw the line.
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theres some clips up at GT, I was wtfing while watching.
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Being obsessed with Asian culture = Weaboo

Last time I checked Koreans were Asian.

Watching and getting into these pop concerts is no different than getting into American pop concerts. Ones just Asian. Weaboos bug me when they tolerate one but not the other.
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