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Joe Redifer
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Youtube and other BB Codes explained.

Many of you may know about these codes, but I felt I should explain them more thoroughly for everyone else.

-There are a three variations of the Youtube code. Sometimes you don't have to put JUST the video number in any more (but you still can). You can put the entire embed code from the Youtube site (not the URL) between the [youtube] [/youtube] tags now and it will work. If that doesn't work, try JUST the video number. Some Youtube videos are just weird when it comes to the embed code. The VIDEO NUMBER (which is the number that appears after v= in the url) will always work. Blame Youtube, not me. If a video number has an ampersand and other nonsense after that, it does not need to be included. For example, if the URL for the video is: then you only need to include OuadsKtWD_E between the Youtube tags, as that is the video number. Including everything after it won't hurt anything, though.

-Want to embed some music from Youtube without the video? Simply use the [music] [/music] tag. That way you only get the player, but no video window. Use this the same way as you would the regular Youtube tag, simply by inserting the video number between the tags themselves. This is good for showing off music and whatnot. Here is an example from Streets of Rage 2:

-Lastly is the Youtube HD tag. It plays the video at 480p just like it does on Youtube, but it can be played in higher resolution if you exapand it to full screen. The video quality is much better with this option. Simply use [youtubehd] [/youtubehd] to post a very large Youtube video in your post. Use only when warranted.

Here is an 16:9 HD example of a (poorly) dancing fool using the youtubehd tag:


There are other great codes like the Small Image tag. When your image is too big, it stretches the forum and is annoying and makes everyone hate you. If you are too lazy to resize it yourself, you can use the Small Image Tag which is simply [simg] image url here [/simg]. This will size it down and make the full image viewable by click. Just use the regular image tag and type the letter "s" into it yourself. Easy!


Then there are other random codes like:

Spoiler - [spoiler] secret text here [/spoiler]
You've discovered the hidden text!!

Strike - [s] text here [/s]
This text is struck

Marquee - [move] text here [/move]
This text is moving, or at least it should be, dammit!

Blink - [blink] text here [/blink]
Blinky blinky blinky!


Remember, a lot of these tags have no buttons, so you'll have to type them in yourself. It's easy! Just remember to always close your tags and you'll be fine.
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