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New SSD drive with destruct switch

Pretty fucking cool

Like any SSD the InVincible offers several advantages to traditional hard drives like lower power consumption, fast read (240Mbps) and write (140Mbps) times, and the ability to endure temperatures ranging from -50 to 200+ degrees fahrenheit. But the real reason people will be opting for this particular drive is its set of red and green self-destruct buttons, which remain accessible outside your computer, that can be used to get rid of any incriminating digital evidence.

Pushing the green button initiates the drive's intelligent destruction mode which simply overwrites the entire disk with random, meaningless code—leaving your files unrecoverable according to RunCore. But the slightly more tempting red button initiates the drive's physical destruction mode which applies a strong current to the InVincible's NAND flash memory, completely destroying it in a puff of smoke as demonstrated in the video. It's definitely the more extreme way to go, but it further guarantees that no one will ever be able to recover what was on the drive.
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Awesome stuff. So I won't need to smash the drive to bits with a hammer when I want to throw them away then? Awwwh, I always loved doing that. You could just take it apart, sure, but... it was more satisfying to smash it.
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Now Alucard has a place to store all his gay underage kangaroo porn without fear!

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lol DS!

Awesome stuff.
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