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I used the final version of vista for about 1hour, tryed pray on it (amdx2 4200, x1700) ran fine on high, without shadows
everything worked fine, except my nintendo wifi adapter

really enjoyed it

Its called Expose. Macs been doing it since um..*googles* 2005. Difference between Mac and Vista is that we see if from the front view and then click on the window we want. Were in windows you have to scroll through windows to find the one you want. Or at least get a good view of the window you want. I been doing this for 2 years now so ha!
Thats only because XP was designed to run with onboard video, while half of apple's OS GUI wouldnt handle that
Now Vista is designed for good video cards and can use these features, people bitch about needing a decent video card
dont think microsoft can win, either way
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