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your pretty popular arent ya renagade
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Originally posted by Vegetto
your pretty popular arent ya renagade
Yeah, that or Mutter just really has it out for me, heh. What can I say... I've gotta defend my roots here. (Which my roots are, being.... I don't know how old and sitting in front of my old Packard Bell klunker playing the shareware version of Doom till my eyes felt like they where gonna fall out... ahhhh those where the days.)
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Well, floor space hardly counts much if you consider the big stages that sony and nintendo put up, the big exclusive showcasing rooms they set up. If you REALLY wanna know wether console or PC games are in majority on E3, I suggest you run a total count of games for each platform and then compare.

Personally, I think this is a rather pointless debate and waste of time, which is why I can't be bothered to do the counting myself. :p
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isn't it logical that if sony and nintendo are given so much floorspace, that they are considered priority for a reason? i really don't care one way or the other, as i game on both types of gaming systems, but i've always considered e3 as more of a console thing, with only the biggest and best PC games showing up as impressive sideshows.
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