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Saints Row Reboot Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, The New City, And Characters

Saints Row Reboot Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, The New City, And Characters

Get a closer look at Santo Ileso and the people you'll meet.

The Saints Row series is coming back with a reboot that takes players to a brand-new city and a new cast of characters. In a new video, voice actress Bryce Charles and the team at developer Volition discuss the project and reveal gameplay footage for the first time following a CG reveal trailer at Gamescom. Some people were upset over the lack of real gameplay footage in the announcement trailer, and now we're seeing some.

Chief creative officer Jim Boone said one of the challenges at the onset of development of the new Saints Row was figuring out how to up the ante in a series known for being over the top. The studio initially looked to its past for inspiration, but this ultimately felt limiting, so the team opted to "zoom out" and forge ahead with a plan to reboot the series instead of making a sequel.

The new Saints Row is set in a fictional American southwest town called Santo Ileso, and the developers spoke about how the "postcard imagery" of the setting lends itself to new opportunities in the context of Saints Row.

There are four main characters in Saints Row, including The Boss, Eli, Nina, Kevin, each of whom have their own distinct personalities and quirks. Kevin, for example, always has his shirt off and aspires to be a TV chef.

We also learn a little more about the different factions of enemies who will come after you, including Marshall, an international corporation headquartered in Santos Ileso known for their advanced technology. The Panteros, meanwhile, are all about pure physical strength. The Idols, meanwhile, are a cult of personality enemy faction that relies on overwhelming you with their sheer numbers.

Check out the full video above to learn more about what's new in Saints Row. For more, check out GameSpot's recent preview, "Saints Row Reboot Is All About Building Something New." The game is slated to launch in February 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It's just one of the games coming in February as part of a very busy month.
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No thanks.
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