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Acquire trademarks Stealth Assassins in Japan; Capcom trademarks Darkstalkers

New Tenchu but without Tenchu name in it?

Acquire trademarks Stealth Assassins in Japan; Capcom trademarks Darkstalkers

The latest notable trademarks from Japan.

Tenchu series developer Acquire filed a trademark for “Stealth Assassins” in Japan on July 20. “Stealth Assassins” is the western subtitle of the first Tenchu game released in 1998. Rights to the property are owned by FromSoftware, however.

Additionally, Capcom filed a trademark for “Darkstalkers” alongside filings for “Capcom Cup,” “Capcom Fighters,” “Capcom Pro Tour,” “Street Fighter League” (2), and “World Warriors Challenge.”

In less notable new filings, GungHo Online Entertainment trademarked “Koutetsu Juuki Volta-X“—the Japanese title for Volta-X, which has yet to be officially announced for the region—and Sega trademarked its newly announced “Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis” (without the “2” in the title, oddly enough).
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What? They got tired of Shinobido?

Anyways, yes to both.

Aquire is the original developer of the Tenchu series, in particular, the best first 2 installments. Later, after not being re-hired they created Shinobido which is the same with different characters, but was missing the charm from Tenchu.

Fromsoftware got rid of them and got K2 to produce following titles with decreasing popularity. From then re-hired Aquire for Tenchu 4 and 5, but they made Tenchu 4 some weird corridor game that failed spectacularly. On purpose, revenge or not, it seems Tenchu 5 never happened and the series has been on ice since then.
Shinobido got a Vita sequel at launch that wasn't spectacular cause it was using a grindy mission model made popular on psp by the monster hunter series. It wasn't very sucessful and that has been on ice since.

So, curious to see where this is heading. We haven't had a ninja stealth game like it since Shinobido 2, the year the Vita launched, and no, Sekiro is a souls game.

8 years since the last Shinobido and 12 years since the last Tenchu. I'd say it's due.
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