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No DirectX 10 update for Supreme Commander

Those of you just itching to put that DirectX 10 hardware to good use will be disappointed to learn that Supreme Commander -- the Games for Windows-branded RTS from Gas Powered Games -- will not be getting that DirectX 10 patch they've been promising. Turns out it's a matter of timing: Vista release coupled with DirectX 10 hardware coupled with driver support ... you get the idea. They write, "The bottom line: DirectX 10 support will not be patched into Supreme Commander or its expansion packs."

There is light at the end of this tunnel, however. They intend to integrate "this exciting technology into future projects." In the meantime, if you've just got to test out the capabilities of that $600 video card, download the Lost Planet PC demo here and have your butler let us know how it is.
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Thats because theres no reason to add DirectX10 to a game that most users probably dont own Vista. \

I wouldnt pay for Vista just to get DirectX10, Ill just wait for some crack.
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IoriYagami n8
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That's sad, after checking out Company of Heroes and the Lost Planet DX10 Demo I'm really excited to get some more DX10 stuff, and I certainly have spent a lot of time playing Supreme Commander. Can't say I'm not disappointed.
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