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Old pc woes

After finishing up my current build I decided to get my old one back up and running (I scavenged the 1 year old power supply from it for the new system). EVGA had a pretty good sale on a 500w supply for $30. I popped it in and no post, no BIOS, nuthin but fans spinning and a black screen with a flashing cursor. It was running fine before removing the power supply. Took out the RX 480 and tried an old HD 6870 I had in my parts bin. Same result. Moved memory around and reset the CMOS. Nada. Popped in another hd. Not havin it. Frustrated, I gave up. It's not like I needed it to work. Just going to load up some of the older, less graphically intensive games and use it as a back up web browser when my son was gaming on the main rig. I just assumed the old Asrock P45E motherboard had finally gave up the ghost after 9 years. My co-worker knew about it and offered to give me an old pc she had lying in a closet so being the pc packrat I am, I said "Sure!" Turns out it had almost the same exact problem except it would post then blue screen. Lol! Oh well, she was just going to trash it so I scavenged the SATA cables, (the hd was only 160gb) and then that's when I had a glimmer of hope. Could my CMOS battery have died? Popped it out and when I got home, replaced the battery and what do you know? It worked! I had come sooo close to trashing it. Glad I stuck with it. Just thought I'd share. Poor pc section don't hardly get no love no more. Lol!
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