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SNK to announce new Neo Geo hardware soon

It's probably a new Neo Geo portable machine with bigger screen like a Switch.

SNK to announce new Neo Geo hardware soon

"A Neo Geo experience like no other."

SNK will soon announce a new Neo Geo hardware, the company teased.

“A next-gen Neo Geo hardware is coming after Neo Geo Mini,” the company said in a tweet. “With a modern design and a wonderful play feeling, and you can even link it to Neo Geo Mini, the new hardware will provide you a Neo Geo journey that you have never experienced.”

The Japanese version of this tweet reads a bit differently, stating, “Following Neo Geo Mini, a new Neo Geo hardware will appear. With leading-edge design, excellent play feel, and linkability to Neo Geo Mini, it will offer a Neo Geo experience like no other. Details will be announced soon. Please look forward to it.”

This new hardware may be related to the Neo Geo versions 2 and 3 SNK said were in planning back in April.

Stay tuned.
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Interesting. I hope it's a portable I can hook up to a tv like the switch. I've really come to love that design.
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Meh, I doubt it's going to be anything groundbreaking for their standards. Most like a new arcade hardware or they're going to launch what the neo geo mini should have been.
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