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Nintendo Will Make More 3DS Franchises Available on Switch

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Nintendo Will Make More 3DS Franchises Available on Switch

They will all be here.

Nintendo has said that it will bring additional 3DS game franchises to the Switch console.

As tweeted by Wall Street Journal technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company would make more 3DS franchises available on Switch, with the aim of conveying the appeal of the handheld-only Lite model.

Nintendo has seen strong sales of Switch games over the last year that have, traditionally, only been available on handheld devices such as the 3DS. Pokemon Letís Go Pikachu and Eevee were the first traditional-style (well, almost) Pokemon games to be available on a home console device, while Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the first in the series in many years to not be a handheld exclusive.

With the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo is clearly looking to establish the Nintendo Switch
as the true (hybrid) successor to its long-running handheld device family, further positioning the Switch Lite as a bridge device for Nintendo DS and 3DS fans.

While the Lite version does make sense for 3DS-style games due to its handheld nature, the regular Switch can play these games in docked mode on a TV. 3DS-style games may help broaden the audience for the Switch Lite, but those games will also benefit those with regular Switch consoles who prefer to use it in docked mode. Itís a win win scenario.
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