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Star Trek Online MMORPG

Its been mentioned recently, and its not out for a bit yet (2007), but heres a couple interviews with some pretty cool info. I'm not much of a Star Trek whore (B5 whore though), but it does sound like it might be fun. Set phasers to stun!!

4. You stated that ships will be moving environments. If you crew a ship will you be 'stuck' out in space for long periods or can you return home whenever you feel like it?

For much of the game, your home is your ship, although I doubt you'll ever feel stuck. The starship is a big focus of this game. Star Trek has always been about living and exploring in a ship with a talented crew; this game captures that. We're making lots of areas aboard the ship important, such as the Bridge, Quarters, Sick Bay, Recreation Area, Holodeck, Transporter Room, Engineering, and a lot more. Feel free to explore! ? You'll also be leaving the ship quite a lot anyway, on away missions, on the holodeck, on shore leave, and potentially to contested battlegrounds.
What's more, you'll always be able to transfer to other ships, and eventually get assigned to homeworlds or starbases' but the game is designed to invest players in their crews, so I doubt people will want to jump ship often.
The player's progression really takes advantage of this ship-centric view. A character with command aspirations starts as a crewman on an NPC commanded vessel, graduates to temporary command assignments (where he can start recruiting his own bridge crew), then eventually obtains a permanent commission of his own ship. Of course, those who don't want to focus on command can hone their skills in the various departments: engineering, flight control (conn), medical, science, and tactical/security.

6. Can you explain more about combat in space? How will the crew affect the ships combat decisions? Will the players view change in battle?

Every role (science, tactical, flight controller, engineer, medic, and the ship's captain) has vital interdependent tasks to perform during ship combat. While it's possible to solo a ship combat experience (with the help of NPCs), only a talented, well-trained, and team-oriented crew can truly master the dynamic. Combined with the invasion elements of the 'ship assault' dynamic, this means that even ground combat specialists will have fun, and is the basis for the extended PvP design (to be introduced post-launch).
Two links below, one has the info above, and another although similar, has info that the other doesnt. So its worth checking out both if you think it sounds interesting. Definately looking forward to it.,864,471181015
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Its quite an interesting concept they got going there.
I think "space" licenses like Star Trek and Dune can give much more to the gaming world if they take RPG aproches like KOTOR (i hear galaxies is also good, dont know). After all, whats so interesting about these licenses is the exploration and interaction with other characters in vast and interesting worlds while engaging in an epic story. RPG's and MMRPG's are the best ways to portrait that.
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Originally Posted by Reivenlocke
[kirk] Don' I do.....something before 2007. do......something.[/kirk]

[kirk] Play... World of... War... craft...[/kirk]
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