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Trails Series 15th Anniversary Commemoration & New Title Special Broadcast for Jun 29

Makes me wonder how many new IPs have Falcom created in the past few years?

‘Trails Series 15th Anniversary Commemoration & New Title Start (?) Special Broadcast’ set for June 29

Dengeki Online will host a two-hour “Trails Series 15th Anniversary Commemoration & New Title Start (?) Special Broadcast” on June 29 at 17:00 JST. You will be able to watch it on YouTube.

The broadcast will look back on the Trails series with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo based on a previously conducted reader survey. During the Trails of Cold Steel part of the retrospective, Towa voice actor Ai Nonaka will also participate.

For the final segment of the broadcast, “Information on Falcom’s Latest Titles,” the schedule teases news on the latest entry in the Trails series. It reads: “President Kondo gives curious fans a peek at information on the latest entry in the Trails series right then and there?! Unexpected new information may suddenly appear.”

Falcom has previously shared artwork from the upcoming developments in the Trails series.

Here is the full schedule:

17:00 – Opening
17:04 – Trails Series 15th Anniversary Retrospective
18:00 – Guest Talk Corner
18:20 – Trails Series 15th Anniversary Goods Announcements
18:25 – Questions and Answers with Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo
18:40 – Information on Falcom’s Latest Titles
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Funny how they have the Q&A before the new info. That is silly.

I know they have created Tokyo Xanadu. I know there was a Xanadu series before but this one is completely different.

They are a small developer though, so i don't want them overextending. It's important to keep their existing fans happy. All Ys and Trails games have delivered. Tokyo Xanadu as well.
So, going back and forth between those until they want to create a new one is fine with me. But they got Action RPG light on story on Ys, Turn based heavy story RPG on Trails and Xanadu for a mix of both with heavy story and action RPG. The only thing they are missing is a dungeon crawler, but honestly. those tend to be cheap, so i'd rather they didn't.
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