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Originally Posted by Shipper/Reciever View Post
Even more stuff?????
yup, he said that he wasn't happy with the DLC so he decided to add even more things to it and a even newer ending that explains more of the game.
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Yes, I realize I spelled"Receiver" wrong
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As I boot up Issac, I notice that I'm downloading a new update. Hmmmmm......hopefully Issac gets a machine gun this time around.

2 questions:

1) what's the point of the Tick?
2) how do you effectively use what I call "the sacrificial room"? Sometimes I get an item, run over the spikes, and don't get a treasure chest, wtf?

Btw- has anyone else teleported to the error screen? Kind of funny, great power-ups too.
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The tick makes bosses start with a little bit less health, you'll see their health start lower, and the Sacrificial Room sometimes takes multiple hits for a chest to spawn. It can take 1 heart to 3 hearts before a chest appears.
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Old 02-04-2013, 04:35 AM   #49
thank you based god
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half of what i enjoyed about this game was the soundtrack

so a piano version made me love the OST more:
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