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Upcoming game - Sacred

For those of you who have the NWN or Diablo bug and love a good slash rpg, this is a new one from Germany. So if you're one of those who are DYING to play Lionheart and Greyhawk, then add this to your collection of must haves. While the afformentioned are a MUST HAVE, Sacred for the moment looks like it should be very cool to play. Heres a little list and a link to a video clip of it.

30 story and 200 side quests

You can freely roam around approximately 70% of the game world from the beginning. Only the remaining 30% need to be unlocked by story events

20 distinct regions (Forests, Deserts, Dungeons, Glaciers etc.)

Six totally different characters. Seraphim and Vampire will be a nice challenge for advanced role-players due to their special treats and abilities

Heroes will be able to fight while horse riding

You can create your own combat combos

You can import characters into a new game or into the next difficulty level

Multiplayer via LAN or Internet for up to 16 players

Horses. Thats right you read correctly. You can ride HORSES! Anyway, click on the picture to get to the clips. It looks pretty spiffy.
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