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Tricks You Didn't Know Your Console Could Do

I want to know if there's an easy way to completely turn off the Switch without having to hold the power button for 5 seconds, wait for the stupid menu to popup and choose shut down.

11 Tricks You Didn't Know Your Console Could Do

Today, some of the internet had its mind blown by a useful, if often-overlooked, PS4 fact. If you select a hidden trophy and press square it'll tell you what the trophy is.

This may seem like common sense to some but for anyone who was unaware, it's a game-changer. It's easy to overlook the nuanced features of consoles so here are a few things about the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch you may have missed.
  • You can save battery life with the PS4's Dualshock 4 by dimming the light bar.

  • "If your PS4 controller is charging, the slower it pulses the closer it is to being fully charged," as pointed out by kingbankai on Reddit.

  • Xbox One seem to run a little slower than usual? Clear your console’s data cache to free up some extra memory!

  • "You can double-tap the PS button to swap between the last two screens you were on. [Which is] useful when chatting with people so you can swap between the game and messages without going back to the home screen," explained srbman on Reddit.

  • You can use the Xbox One’s USB 3.0 ports for more than just controllers and external hardware. Plug in a webcam to add PiP to your streams (in lieu of using a Kinect), or a TV Tuner to watch broadcast TV (for, I dunno… local sports?) without a big antenna on your roof.

  • Turn on your TV with the Nintendo Switch. Not all TVs are capable but it’s under Settings > TV Settings > Match TV Power State.

  • Link two Xbox controllers so you can use them as one controller with the copilot feature.

  • Share a controller over the internet via Mixer on Xbox One, allowing you to get direct game help from a viewer or just let them try the game for themselves.

  • You can control your TV volume and power from the Xbox One.

  • The LED lights on your Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Con determine which number player you are.

  • You can charge your Switch on the go with a portable battery pack like you’d use for any cell phone!
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This one seems useful:

Play however you want to play with button remapping

Sometimes the way a game wants you to play it isn’t going to be so easy for you. While increasingly more and more games are introducing some great accessibility options, you can manage how the DualShock 4 works on a fundamental level right in Settings > Accessibility > Button Assignments to completely remap it however you want. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean games will know which prompts to display, though some will match your settings.
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What shocked the most is that you can play xbox one with your tv. They should have emphasized that when they revealed the console.
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I couldn't get the Xbox to run my TV power and volume. It asked for an IR cable...
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