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Call of Juarez DirectX 10 Screenshots

I've played this a while back and it was an excellent game. I didnt have any clue they planned to release a DX10 upgrade for it. Pretty cool if you ask me. Heres some screens. Some more screens at the link below. The lighting is gorgeous. If you havent played the game yet then wait for the Dx10 update before you play it.
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top screen, reminds me of the outside hill stage in F.E.A.R multiplayer, on high res

lighting is sexy on directx10 screen
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The lighting seems way to strong for the rock hill. If it was that bright outside then the exspossed trees be just as bright. Even the Tree tops don't seem to have any lighting on them. But on the plus side the grass is clearly better and the hill's textures blows away the DX9 version.
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