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Joint Task Force Demo

Comes in at 445mbs. You should of seen my put a thread up about this game recently, well heres the demo. I messed with it for a while and I actually enjoyed it. Game is quite pretty. Also tactical and hard, though not BS Commandos hard. Different troops have different weapons, so you gotta know exactly who does what in specific moments so that you can survive. You can even hop into ANY vehicle you see and knock down fences and other stuff. And the commander seems to be able to order in reinforcements. Oh, there seems to be some sort of exp skills option while you play for your commander.

Overall I actually want to play the full version now.

My pc specs, 2gigs of ram, 3500+ AMD, and 6800GT. The game ran pretty good on full detail with no aliasing. Though I rarely use aliasing since higher res makes games look nice. Slight frame drop during ingame movie moments, but the actual game itself was quite smooth considering the detail and weather effects going on. Thumbs up from me.
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