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I'm D-E-D, Dead!
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Messanic's Personal Ratings

Icarus has his own thread devoted to rating games and such, so I thought that I would do the same. Diversity is always good and since Icarus is only one person sharing his reviews here I thought that another reviewer could come in handy. Let it be known now that not one game, console, cartoon, ost, movie, or comic will get a 10/10 from me ever, nothing is perfect.

Fall season impresions 2004 page 5


GB - 7.5 page 1
GCN - 8.2 page 2
NDS - 9.3 page 6
NES - 7.7 page 1
PS2 - 7.3 page 2
PSP - 8.8 page 11/8.5 page 15
PSTwo - 8.5 page 10
SNES - 9.3 page 3
Street Fighter Anniversay Collection Controller - 8.5 page 1
Vampire Collection Saturn Controller - 9.2 page 14
Xbox - 8.2 page 9


Vampire Chronicle: For Matching Service - 9.3 page 12

Earthworm Jim 8.3 page 8
Ranger-X - 8.4 page 3

F-Zero: Climax - 8.2 page 2
Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls - 7 page 7
Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories - 8.2 page 3
Metroid Zero Mission - 8.2 page 6
The Legend of Zelda:The Minish Cap - 8.7 page 4

Resident Evil 4 - 8.6 page 10
Tales of Symphonia - 5 page 13

Akumajou Dracula: Sougetsu no Juujika - 8.3 page 14
Feel the Magic XY/XX - 9.2 page 8
Mario Kart DS - 9.5 page 15
Metroid Prime: First Hunt - 9.4 page 6
Sonic Rush - 7.8 page 15
Super Mario 64 DS - 8 page 9
Yoshi's Touch and Go - 6.3 page 13

Y's 6: the Ark of Napishtim - 8.4 page 1

Breath of Fire III - 9 page 5
Chrono Trigger - 8.2 page 9
Chrono Cross - 6.7 page 9
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix - 9.2 page 10
Darkstalkers 3 - 8.3 page 12
Final Fantasy: Origins - 7.2 page 7
Ridge Racer: Type 4 - 9 page 13
Tales of Eternia - 8.1 page 13

Beatmania(US) - 8.4 page 16
Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDXRED - 9.2 page 16
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter - 8.7 page 5
Bujingai: The Forsaken City - 8 page 10
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme - 7.7 page 7
Devil May Cry - 8.5 page 10
Devil May Cry 3 - 9.2 page 12
Final Fantasy X - 7.7 page 4
God Hand - 6.8 page 16
Gungrave: OD - 7.5 page 2
Katamari Damacy - 8.8 page 8
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact - 6.8 page 1
Megaman X8 - 7.8 page 8
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection:
Hyper Street Fighter 2 - 7.8 page 3
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - 9.2 page 3
Vampire Collection - 9.5 page 14

Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower - 9.3 page 12
Irregular Hunter X - 9.3 page 15
Ridge Racer - 9.3 page 13
Tales of Eternia - 8 page 13

Batman Returns - 8.6 page 2
Chrono Trigger - 9.2 page 9
Earthworm Jim 8.3 page 8

Metal Slug 3 - 8.8 page 14
Ninja Gaiden - 8.5 page 11



Viewtiful Joe - 5.4 page 2


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I'm D-E-D, Dead!
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The NES!!!

In 1984 Nintendo released the Famicom Disk system, this set Nintendo off in Japan, but it wasn't until 1985 that the Famicom would bless American households. The nes was like our parents' ps2 back in the day, it was also where most of us got our start on gaming. When I was a younger lad, my dad bought an nes while my sister was visiting her dad. He said that he'd hook it up when he got back from picking her up, but I couldn't wait. I took it upon myself to hook up the console, we got the power set, two normal controllers, and two advanced controllers. Thats not all though, I got the nes gun and the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cart. My parents and I will always remember that day, the nes also still holds a place in my heart that no game console today can replace.

Design - 8
It was plain and simple, two controller ports, a port for av analog cables and rf unit port, a place to put the game and it closed too, wow. It was pretty simple and sleek in design believe it or not, I just wish that there was a function for that expansion bay.

Durability - 4
The nes was one fragile piece of equipment, despite what some may say, it was then and it is now. I hated getting a brand new game only to find out that I had the error screen of death awaiting me. I usually had to blow out my nes to the fullest to get it to work, this was all the time and why I do not know. Eventually I got it to work but damn.

Games - 9
Wow, Super Mario Bros. 3, Ninja Gaiden, Zelda II, Kirby's Dreamland, Lolo, etc, were all excellent games and the nes had them and then some. There were some stinkers but either way, it was hard for the nes to truly suck at having good games. Nintendo also issued a quality control policy for developers so only one game a year could be released by them in the states. Companies like Konami and Capcom got to release more games a year because they were some of the best developers back then.

Graphics - 8
What the games did using the nes was astounding then and it is now, games like Megaman, Kirby, Super Mario Bros. 3, 3d World Runner, and Contra, were among some of the most visually impressive games that I've played on the nes.

Sound - 8
The nes had some of the most memorable sounding games from the Megaman, Kirby, and Castlevania series' and more. I always somehow found myself humming tunes to most of the games that I've played. They never get old no matter how much I hear them.

Controller - 9
Simple and easy, there was a d pad, start, select, a, and b buttons, for the enhanced controller they made some weird analog circle and an exterier d pad if you didn't like the analog. It had two turbo versions of a and b. Then the nes advantage was another plus, I don't know why but my mom loved using the advantage for games like Gauntlet, Pacman, Castlevania II and Zelda II.

Final - 7.7
The nes was god, and then there was the snes, even still the nes was one helluva console. My nes however, stopped working about a year ago, rest in peace nes, 1988 - 2003, you will be missed.
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Joe Redifer
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I think durability and design should go hand in hand. And I would give the design a rating of 2. It was horrible, one of the worst consoles ever designed. Why? Because of the way you had to insert the cartridge into the unit and press down. That made it so that after awhile, many games wouldn't work at all. Horrible horrible design. If it weren't for that, the design rating would be MUCH higher. The carts should plug straight in, just like on the Sega Master System. Sega Master Systems still work today. So do Atari 2600's. But the original NES? Good luck. Also, the game cartridges really didn't have to be so god damned huge. There was absolutely no reason in the world for that other than to accomodate the wacky "insert and press down" scheme. On the NES 2 you plugged the carts in from the top, like it should be. But due to the enormous size of the NES carts, you had a gigantic monolith sticking out of the top of the thing. The NES 2 would have gotten a better design rating due to the cartridge insertion method, but they botched it with no A/V ports, only RF. Still better than the original NES though.
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I'm D-E-D, Dead!
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Can I play gameboy?

When I was living in Germany, I stumbled across something totally amzing, a lady playing a handheld. I asked her what it was and she said its a gameboy, so I asked if I could play it, she said no and that it wasn't hers. That was the last time that I would see a gb, at least until 1992, my first Christmas without snow, my sister was lucky enough to get a gb for Christmas, while I got some nes games and clothes. My sister got her gb as a present from her dad, it came with Tetris and she also got a Barbie game with it. She ended up giving it to me a couple of years later, and boy was I thankful.

Design - 7
Kinda bulky and I couldn't really fit it into my pocket, but none the less it was a portable console. You had the standard nes button layout of A, B, Start, Select, and a d pad, there was also a headphone jack and a place to stick a battery charger. It also never occurred to me that the gb couldn't be played in the dark until the gamegear came out, I didn't really care anyway.

Durability - 9
Wow, the gb can take some abuse, and I mean abuse, I've lost the back, my batteries have exploded, the speakers blew, and I dropped it many times. My original gb has been to hell and back, but it finally bit the big one when I smashed the screen while playing Tecmo Bowl, I wasn't supposed to lose.

Games - 9
The gba not only had original games of its own it also had some pretty good ports, although most of them were watered down. Metroid 2 had to be one of the best games on it along with Super Mario Land and Kirby's Dreamland 2, and who could forget Tetris. The best part was that you could play the games on the go.

Graphics - 5
What you did see on the gb wasn't always pretty most of the time and adjusting the contrast so you could see was a hassle. You also only had a choice between green and green, those were all the colors you got.

Sound - 8
The gb sported some crazy sound in it's games, some nes ports got redone music or cut tracks. I really don't know which one had the better sound system though, gb or nes...

Battery - 7
4 AA's and your set for a good 10 hours or so, the only bad thing is when your gb is low on batteries it will shut off before you know it. I of course played my gb so long once before that the batteries exploded, yet I was able to play my gb without batteries for about 5 minutes.

Overall - 7.5
My old gb no longer exists but I do have a gba, sadly I've also lost Tetris and the other awsome games that I had for it. The gb was the start of handhelds and it may be the end. Handhelds are indeed Nintendo's forte and the future of handhelds looks iffy as of right now, so I'll continue to play my gba until the future gives me what I'm looking for.
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Paper exe
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now messanic will give gamecube and DS 0
and all the new nintendo games 0
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Deal with it.
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It's nice to see more review threads. But you said that I was the only one who reviewed games. That's not entirely true: Others such as Joe Redifer, Magnus and Freeman have contributed reviews to my section. As well, there was another review thread awhile back by Blueskied and another member who's name escapes me at the present moment. As for the Rating 10, those are the games which currently represent the highest in quality that gaming has to offer to me personally, not that they're absolutely perfect in every way.

I look forward to your game reviews. :cool guy:
Turn on the difference.
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Drunken Savior
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Originally Posted by PaperEXE
now messanic will give gamecube and DS 0
and all the new nintendo games 0
You got a problem? Pony up with your own reviews then. Quit being disrespectful, especially when you havn't done anything to show why people should respect your opinions.

Games I'm hyped for
The Last of Us Part 2, RE2 Remake, The Last Night

Current Platforms:
PC (i7-7700K, 16GB, GTX 980Ti), Wii U, PS4
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I'm D-E-D, Dead!
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Originally Posted by PaperEXE
now messanic will give gamecube and DS 0
and all the new nintendo games 0

I was going to ignore that, but I'll review a couple of N games just in spite of what he said. By the way, look forward to my Gungrave: OD and Contra: Shattered Soldier reviews.
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I feel important.. im posting in a personal ratings thread... not that i care... only get to get my name in every post. hahaha im diabolical
Collection below!

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Paper exe
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I bought Breath of Fire 3 but,after 2 or 3 months the game disappeared
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