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'No Man's Sky' comes to Xbox this summer alongside huge update

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'No Man's Sky' comes to Xbox this summer alongside huge update
Developer Hello Games says 'Next' is the game's biggest update yet.

No Man's Sky is coming to Xbox One this summer and it's bringing a massive update, called "Next", with it to PS4 and PC as well. It's so massive, in fact, that it's even got its own logo. There's no word on what it'll include, but previous updates Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rises all drastically built upon the scope of the game, so you can expect significant additions. In a tweet, game founder Sean Murray said Next is "our largest update so far."

Its Xbox One debut includes the initial release and all three major updates since, plus enhancements for Xbox One X and support for HDR and 4K. Fans of the game during its exclusive PC and PS4 days have been vocal about their disappointment with previous updates (which to the credit of developer Hello Games have always been free -- and substantial). Perhaps Next and the roll-out to Xbox will win back some hearts and minds.
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After what this game turned out to be or better said not to be; is someone really looking forward to this?
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Honestly, this should be the game that it was meant to be in the first place so I'm intrigued. I'm a totally blithering idiot as far as Elite Dangerous is concerned and since I have a life, I can't devote the amount of time it needs to get in to it. Everspace, on the other hand, is on the other end of that spectrum. No Man's Sky seems like it might fit the bill in this most recent iteration.
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Careful with the expectations.

Every patch they releases has apparently been extremely buggy.

The game is reportedly better now, but you know... the problem is that it isn't worth the full price tag.
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