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Final Fantasy 15 PC nude mods are being left "up to the moral sense of all the player

Originally Posted by

Final Fantasy 15 PC nude mods are being left "up to the moral sense of all the players"
By Ali Jones

The director of Final Fantasy XV says that while he does have concerns about what modders will do with FFXV on PC, he’s more worried about making sure players have enough freedom to play the game their way.

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Speaking to Hajime Tabata in interview at Gamescom, we're told that he and his team did have concerns over the kind of content that would be modded into the game. “Obviously there's some worry about ‘we've made this great world and people might try to stuff all kind of strange things into it and mess it up’,” he tells us.

The biggest issue they potentially face, of course, is nude modding. “When we were getting together for discussion, all the people together in the project were airing out their worries, [nude mods] were something most people were really worried about,” Tabata says.

In the end, Tabata and his team made the decision to allow players full freedom to use and create mods, saying, “what's stronger in my mind is the fact that I don't want to limit people too much - this is part of the culture of gaming these days. These people - it's a thing they've bought, it's their game now.

"I don't think it's a good thing, but we're going to leave it to the moral sense of all the players out there. I basically want, as a principle, to give as much freedom and as little limitations on it as possible."

All I can say is...

[Edit] Also, since the word 'nude mod' and 'Final Fantasy 15' are in the title, expect this thread to have a ridiculous amount of views from visitors to the forum. You're welcome, Admin for all that sweet, sweet ad revenue.

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