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Seraph - The Crystal Bearers

Welcome to my new and improved review thread. The title will constantly be changing to reflect the latest review.

I didn’t like my old format and there were numerous inconsistencies so I felt it was better to start fresh.

Don’t be afraid to comment however you please. Hate the game I review and completely disagree with me? Speak up if you want. Opinions are just opinions after all, and nobody should jump on anyone over them. Just don’t get insulting.

I am very open to requests. If you want to see my review for a game I haven’t done yet, request it and I will make it my next priority. I also have the ability to take screenshots and video from my games now, so if you would like to see specific footage just ask.

If anyone is interested in my old reviews just PM me as I have them all backed up.

How to read my reviews
Game console and other non-game reviews will follow their own unique formats.

Each game review will start off with two categories. My Bias and My Completion. My Bias will list any preconceptions I have that I think would affect my review. For example I am a big Mario fan, that would affect my review of Mario Galaxy. Another example would be I’m not a console FPS fan, so that would affect my review of Metroid Prime. My Completion will indicate how much time I have spent on the game before I wrote the review. I will try to make a habit of completing every game before I review it, but some games are too painful to complete.

The previous categories are still around such as Story, Graphics, Music and Gameplay. I have now added a Lasting Appeal section to my reviews to give an indication of how long the game takes to complete and how long the fun lasts.

You may be wondering where my previous number/grade scores are. I decided I did not like the system of handing out scores to different categories or games. I feel it’s too hard to keep consistency with a score system and creates “you think this is better than this?” situations. People also have the mentality that scores start at the halfway point, so giving a game a 5/10 or a C grade kept getting interpreted as horrible instead of average. If you’re interested in a game and my review, you can read it. It only takes a few minutes.

At the very bottom of every game review (for consoles) I will be including a Gameplay demonstration video. I will try my best to make these videos a good demonstration of the game as a whole and not just a collaboration of action clips. If I can figure out a way to record videos from handhelds, then I will add them as well.

Table of Contents

Wii Review/Buyers Guide

ChannelsGamesWiiWareVirtual Console

Nintendo DS

PlayStation Portable


PlayStation 2

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